‘Bureau of Gentrification’

YMFY spotted this sticker in the Mission.

[h/t Mission Mission]

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  1. marcos

    “Vibrant” is developer speak for more people than live here now, but with much higher levels of disposable income.

  2. Mission Raised

    This is the type of classicism and disrespect that long-time Mission residents have been experiencing. It’s double-speak for pushing Latinos out of the Mission District. Is it okay to be “cultural” with out the people who make it that way? I find this button tasteless and offensive. And, Mission Local you do it again by publishing this crap- like you did with cupcakes and gangs beauty.

    • Rigoberto Hernandez Post author

      Hi Mission Raised,

      I reposted this sticker as a conversation starter and did not mean it to be offensive. Some people on our facebook page like it, others hate it, and one person thought it was interesting enough that they want one as a conversation starter. That was my point.

      • Mission Raised

        I think this button is not worth the conversation and having read the ignorant stories that come from Mission Local- this is yet another example of harm done to a community through the press. Although, you may not have wanted to cause harm- this type of crap is not worth publishing, unless you are catering to a particular demographic to attract readership to your paper. I personally am offended and it is another example of poor taste by ML.

  3. tessa

    Agree with both marcos and mission raised. The gentrifiers want those of us who are from here, or raised our kids here, or have lived here for decades to disappear and make room for their self-absorbed arrogance.

    And re the ML reply – Do you consider the facebook demographic your primary audience?!

  4. Rigoberto Hernandez Post author

    No, I don’t consider our facebook demographic our primary audience at all. I referred to it as an example because that’s the first place where I received feedback.

    The feedback there is obviously different that the one I am receiving here.

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