Proposed Fresh & Easy on S. Van Ness Avenue Postponed

On the request of Supervisor David Campos, the San Francisco Planning Commission postponed a decision on whether to allow a Fresh & Easy to open up in the Mission.

The proposed Fresh & Easy on South Van Ness Avenue, between 23rd and 24th streets, met early opposition from neighbors who were concerned with the company’s track record when it comes to union labor.

It’s unclear what issues need to be worked out. At a community meeting last year, some neighbors were concenered that the self-checkout lanes could make it easier for underage customers to steal alcohol.

One thing is clear though: Fresh & Easy has agreed to hire 100 of its store employees(about 25) from within the neighborhood.

The commission will hear the proposal at its March 15 meeting.

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  1. SFSquee

    Not sure what the problem is. Here’s the whole planning commission review:

    I don’t see objections that would hold this up.

  2. Suki

    I just hate Fresh and Easy. They wrap everything in plastic-it’s like shopping for veggies at Trader Joes. Blech. I miss Cala.

    • sfmissionman

      You miss Cala? So does everyone, but Cala went out of business. And so did Delano’s. Now F and E wants to give it a try, and you’re saying you’d rather have nothing? I’d prefer a union shop, but I don’t see Safeway clamoring to move in. F and E will be fine, whatever their shortcomings may be.

  3. Valenchia

    I think the entire under-age alcohol thing is just a red-herring by the unions who resent the fact that Fresh ‘n Easy is doing fine without them.

    I mean, really, don’t you think there are easier ways for under-age youths to get alcohol in the Mission than stealing it from F&E.

  4. sfmissionman

    Did Campos say why he requested a delay?

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