Le Vice at Elbo Room, Photo by Samuel Guntner

            Halloween weekend kicked off a funky and soulful Friday at the Elbo Room. The local super group Bayonics made up of a brass section, bassist, drummer, guitar, and keys. A few emcees and a singer keep the show going till the early morning hours.

Earlier,  Le Vice warmed the crowd up in preparation for the headliners. Offering a blend of influences from 80’s synth-based electric pop fused with 90’s Hip Hop/Soul vocals to form a unique sound and undeniable energy causing the crowd to react during and after each song.

It is rare and fun to see a band pull off this kind of fusion of genres, with a contemporary yet  timeless feel and an engaging performance.  No doubt this will define their niche. They certainly posses the skill and creativity to do whatever they choose.  It’s an original sound that maintains underground values, but appeals to mainstream at the same time.

Lead singer Alex has a tight stage game, with vocals that blend soulful singing with rapping. She holds a solid relationship with the crowd via call and response between songs. Judging by the reaction, Le Vice is keeping the party people entertained and happy.

Nothing does more justice to music than an awesome live show. The energy this band brings to life is truthfully worth experiencing.

Bayonics, a Reggae/Hip Hop/Latin influenced collective, packing a positive vibe and good musicianship hit the stage, wearing animal masks in holiday spirit.

Their tunes are culture-rhythmic and smooth, the emcees take turns flowing, while horn and sax paint the back round grooves. The bass and drums driving the atmosphere causing a ripple of head nods. And the high notes the singer hits, change with the breakdown, and are followed by a clever verse.

The crowd felt  the vibes and danced the night away, sweating cocktails and beer, while the zombie makeup ran down their faces. Fun show, great live energy, tricks with treats.


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