At Philz Coffee the flier table has 16 free copies of Lee's "book" with handwritten post-its beseeching customers to vote Ed. Photo taken by Matt Sarnecki. (2011)

In a rather quick turn of events, interim Mayor Ed Lee is looking like the winner in the San Francisco mayoral race after 11 rounds of ranked-choice vote distributions.

In a contentious race with 16 candidates, Lee had a 13-point lead against Supervisor John Avalos by the end of last night. Lee crossed the needed 51 percent threshold after 11 rounds, when he reached 61 percent of the vote to Avalos’s 39 percent.

In the Mission, however, Avalos clearly dominated the race, winning 4,439 votes to Lee’s 1,350.

The results aren’t official yet, but preliminary results tend not to vary too much from the final vote tally, and only an estimated 32,000 ballots are left to be counted.

Stay tuned for more as it comes.

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  1. Where is the investigation into voter fraud on the part of Lee campaigners? This cant be happening, that he gets away with it, unchallenged?

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