Be Local, Buy Local, Read Local

Mission Loc@l isn’t just a name, it’s a way of life, a philosophy and something we believe in. We want what is best for the Mission. That means exposing warts when we see them, but it also means taking pride when appropriate and helping where we can.

Mission Loc@l is also an experiment in hyperlocal journalism, to see what it means to cover a defined geographic community with fervor, and if such an effort can be sustainable.

With those two things in mind, today we present to you the “Be Mission Market.

Our first featured seller is the Live Local Mission Card, a discount card you can purchase on our site that will give you great deals at 30-plus (and growing) businesses around the Mission.

Buy one today for $20 and it’ll last you a year!

Think of the Live Local card as a replacement for all those buy-10-get-one-free cards. This is one card that you can flash to any of the retailers below and get a discount unique to that vendor, but often around 10 percent off. It’s good for you, good for them and good for the Mission. Some of the businesses where you can get sweet deals with the Live Local Mission card include clothing store Mission Statement, L’s Caffe, Dynamo Donuts, Green Chiropractic Clinic and more. And you can buy the card right here on Mission Loc@l — which will help support our reporting!

Shopping locally helps small business entrepreneurs and keeps the local economy strong, because money spent on a local shop is more likely to be circulated locally. Combine that with cutting down the environmental impact of transportation, and you can start to see the appeal of shopping locally. Finally, let’s not forget that the Mission as a community has a strong character — but that presence is only as strong as we make it.

So buy your Live Local card today. Or check out some of the other items we are selling at the Be Mission Market, which include everything from an energizing foot/joint spray, to a Noisepop poster, to a custom dish towel — all made by local Mission artisans. Let us know if you make something you would like to sell on the site.

So be local, live local and buy local today.

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