The site of last night's shooting, just one block east of El Rincon

Greg Mahon woke up early this morning to what seemed like firecrackers. But after hearing screams and three to four rounds of rapid gunfire, he ran to his rooftop at 16th and Alabama to see what was going on.

“We saw other people on top of their building on Alabama and Mariposa Street,” said Mahon, a 42-year-old communications consultant who has lived in the same place for nearly four years. “They looked like they were right on top of it.”

The rounds came from a gunfight near the intersection of Florida and Mariposa between two suspects that ended with an innocent bystander shot in the leg, police said. The suspects were arrested and the victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The shooting marks the fifth gun-possession arrest this year between South Van Ness and Potrero Avenue in the north eastern Mission, according to the San Francisco Police Department’s crime reports.

The bar closest to the scene of the Sunday morning shooting is Circolo at 500 Florida St.  El Rincon is several blocks away on 16th and Harrison.

Mahon said there have been three club-related shootings in the area in the past two years.

After a police officer was shot in the foot while breaking up a club fight last summer, El Rincon was forced to shut down for four months. Also, Whisper on Florida Street was closed in 2009 after several incidents, including one in which a bullet went through Circolo’s window.

Although Mahon is unsure of the cause of last night’s shooting, he blamed San Francisco’s Entertainment Commission for the club violence.

“The commission is biased in favor of the club owners,” he said. “There are club owners who are willing to abide by rules and maintain a decent attitude, and club owners that rent out to promoters that don’t have accountability to the community.”

Mahon said the commission needs to communicate more with the community to ensure that San Francisco’s club scene doesn’t attract gang violence in the future. Commissioners could not be reached for comment.

An earlier version of this story, based on the police account, reported that the firefight occurred at 16th and Alabama.

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  1. Definitely heard those up at 18th and Vermont, and recognized the first burst as gunfire (as opposed to fireworks, which are pretty common). The cadence was a lot more regular and spaced, and the sound was just “heavier”. Called 911, and a few seconds later started hearing the sirens. First burst of gunfire was 4 shots, and then about a minute later there was a lot more (about 10 shots more, total).

  2. I’m not sure why this location and details is wrong on all press. And if this is what the police report says, that’s very scary to have such clearly wrong information.

    Considering there are bulletholes through several cars parked beneath my window, a bullet through the window of a neighboring building, and my door was caution-taped off for several hours, I think it’s obvious that the shooting happened right here. I even have a video of the first cop car on the scene taken from my window.

    This happened at Alabama and Mariposa. The two shooters came from Circolo. The owner confirmed this. Saturday night disturbances from the non-local crowd at Circolo are not only common, but occur like clockwork every Saturday night at 2am. It seems that patrols have become regular at this time, and the loitering disturbance has reduced. Although it’s unfortunate that police time & energy has to be taken up for something that could be prevented by increased responsibility of the venue owner.

    This is a regular disturbance in an otherwise non-violent neighborhood.

  3. I’ll guess that the first round of gun fire was around the 16th & Alabama area. Then the final gunfight was at Alabama & Mariposa. I remember the first round of shots(4 to 5 of them) sounded a bit farther away. When the second shots(10 to 15) started it sounded much louder and much closer to my house(Mariposa & Vermont).

    So maybe the first calls were reported from there and then the gunfight ended at Alabama & Mariposa?

  4. sad, sad and what’s more sad is the person who wrote this article calling it the east mission, lmao, you either have 2 be an out of towner who moved here or a yuppie.

  5. Thanks to Debra Walker a meeting was held with neighbors and Circolo folks and the club agreed not to book any more “out of town crowds” in the club. This is a great move and we neighbors are very pleased. The staff at Circolo is really working hard to make it all work. It is all just outside my window.

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