It’s 7 a.m., 50°, and will reach only 53°. Details are here.

Nice shots of Muni in the rain at Muni Diaries. The photos make the rain and Muni look attractive, even romantic.

Transportation Camp West came up with some new ideas, reports SF Streetsblog, including “an app that would help streamline the permit process for temporary street uses (think Park(ing) Day), as well as a ‘Friendly City’ app that would help nearby strangers engage in various ways.” Crowned as most promising was an app that would allow users to “virtually ‘graffiti’ walls through augmented reality.”

There’s much more here.

A look into the past and future of the Willows and the 18th Street Ravine is going on at Burrito Justice.

One more thought on rain, from Pablo Neruda’s “Book of Questions”: “In what language does rain fall over tormented cities?”

Enjoy, lc