California’s standardized test, STAR, will be administered to every second- through eleventh-grade public school student in the district, starting today.

Note on our Quiz: There are four typos. The first person to find all four will get a free t-shirt and a free MyMission Zine. (This part has been solved – several times, several winners. Thank you, lc)


  • Round 1: March 1 and 2
  • Round 2: April 7 through 22
  • Round 3: April 26 through May 5

Additional Resources

  • You can see more sample questions from each grade level here.
  • Click here for samples of the science reference sheets found in each test booklet. Samples include chemistry, physics, integrated science and fifth- and eighth-grade science.
  • For help understanding test scores, click here.
  • PDFs with test questions for each grade level, from tests given from 2003 to 2008, can be downloaded here.

Patricia Espinosa

Patty Espinosa, from the border town of Mission, Texas, feels at home with the Mission's Latino culture, humming along to the mariachi songs playing during her lunch break. Hearing workers at a taqueria...

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  1. Took me a couple extra minutes with the algebra (I’ve been out of school for 40+ years and had to scratch off some rust), but it wasn’t THAT hard. I would expect that my kids would be able to pass this.

    1. Yes, you are right and there are three other typos as well. First one to get them all gets a t-shirt and a my mission zine. Best, Lydia

  2. Seems to me we have a major problem if we have to do all this testing. It tells me we cannot trust our teachers or schools to do the job they are being paid to do.
    I would thing the 5th grade teacher could tell the school adiminstater if the incoming 4th graders are not prepared.

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