How could they ruin such a great space? The high ceilings, huge front windows and sleek interior used to feel like London or Berlin on Valencia. Now it feels like a wannabe cool library with a bunch of signs on REAL and Genuine and Authentic. Take them down. Please. They make the Summit feel like an East Coast rest stop that’s trying to look like it has country-store snacks and good coffee, but doesn’t.

There’s one fellow with a ginormous book on civil engineering. Oh, it’s a reference book and would probably take all of the space on an iPad. He’s not referencing it, but I’m sure he’s making the next big thing on his cell phone. Oh, he’s actually opened a book. Everyone is under 40, probably mostly under 30. The women seem to have congregated in a cluster…reminds me of Mexico City.

Oh well, at least the macchiato was good.