Jeremy and Royston at 29th and Mission Street.

Bus Stop, 18th and Mission, 1:50 p.m.

Royston and Jeremy are standing together in a crowd of people waiting for the 49-Mission. Across the street, a man yells toward the bus shelter. “Gay marriage is evil!”

Royston: [to Jeremy] It’s OK. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.  [They kiss.]

Mission Loc@l: What do you think the purpose of love is?

Royston: What if there weren’t love?

Jeremy: If there was not love, there would be hate.

ML: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

Jeremy: I moved from San José to Los Angeles, after knowing somebody for three weeks. It turned out that he was an alcoholic.

But it was L.A. Whatever. It’s not like I moved to Spain.

Royston: I was working here, and I met someone the day before I was supposed to leave for the U.K. I stayed for three years. I tried to get my green card, but I couldn’t. So we broke up.

ML:  What’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made while in love?

Jeremy: Moving in with somebody before I’d known them for three months. I’d say, wait a year before you move in with someone.

Royston: Why was it a mistake?

Jeremy: I didn’t realize we needed to be financially independent.

Royston: But then again, you can only learn from your mistakes. I’ve had young friends I’ve told not to rush in. But they do anyway, because that’s what they feel they have to do.

Jeremy: But if you’re an adult, you should wait.

ML: How old are you?

Jeremy: I’m 32.

Royston: How old am I…. [He pauses.] I’m 44. I told him I was 38 the night I met him.

Jeremy: Love knows no age. Corny!

ML: How did you two meet?

Jeremy: We met at a bar a week ago. He thought it was a one-night thing!

Royston: I’m in town for five weeks, visiting my ex. I didn’t intend to meet anybody on this trip. But Jeremy’s looking to get out of the city, anyway.

ML: Since you’re leaving, if you care about each other, are you worried about maintaining your relationship?

Royston: Well, we don’t really care about each other…. [He turns to Jeremy.] No, I don’t mean it that way!

Jeremy: I’m sure we’ll always stay in touch. I’m looking for a long-term commitment.

Royston: You’re looking for a long-term commitment? [He acts surprised.]

I’m joking. But if it does work out, you make sacrifices. If you have a strong relationship.

Jeremy: I haven’t had a strong one yet!

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J.J. Barrow began reporting for Mission Local in 2010. She once rode the 49 Van Ness-Mission for six hours straight while the rest of the city tuned in to the World Series — until revelry ended the route. She misses hiding in Guerrero's quiet Cafe Petra (now defunct) to write.

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