Hey Kids: “Wherever You Go, There You Are”

Photo by Kate Holland Holmes.

Hey Kids! is a weekly feature looking at what’s coming up for families and kids of all ages.


Watermelon (my favorite recipe: crack it open and eat it — all — on the front steps). Lemonade (even better with a few Mexican limes thrown in). Swimming. Sunshine.

Spur-of-the-moment spit-curls and Gintonics at Beauty Bar. A Pacifico and El Farolito way too late. Tanning at the Ramp.

This summer:
Knitting, huddling under blankets. Peak Water, Peak Oil.

The silver queen corn I knew is long gone, it’s too cold to eat outside, and I spend a lot of time these days listening to Elizabeth Mitchell. Mission Pool has reopened just in time for us to join the Polar Bear club, but really, I’m still so glad to be here. Where else can you walk through so many colors, so many eras, so many cultures, what other place offers so many opportunities to be?

This weekend, we’re going to celebrate be-ing with a walk down 24th Street, Jasper’s first visit to Mission Dolores and, on Sunday, trying to make green chorizo from scratch at home.

Summer things from once upon a time:
When I was about 10 I spent the summer at an art camp. There must have been a recent revival in interest in Alexander Calder; as our final project we each created an animal for a wire circus. It was wonderful, magical, but somehow the video we made didn’t seem to capture it all; there still isn’t enough technology to capture the ephemera of summer.

So this Friday, stop by to see the movies but stay to help celebrate the learning from some similar experiments at A Curious Summer.
Stop/Motion Reception II: Stop-Motion Film Festival. Friday, July 23, 5 p.m. All ages. Free. RSVP to info@acurious.org. Studio for Urban Projects, 3579 17th Street at Dolores.

The current round of interest in Calder is thanks at least in part to Maira Kalman. As part of the Contemporary Jewish Museum’s Maira Kalman programming, this Sunday kids can create their own wire circus animals (or make a “Kalmanesque map of their world”).
Map Me a World a la Maira. Sunday, July 25, 1-3 p.m. All ages. Free with admission.
4×4 Family Studio Workshop: Wired Circus. Sunday, July 25, 3-5 p.m. All ages. $10-$15 per family (up to two children, two adults; includes museum admission).
Contemporary Jewish Museum, 736 Mission Street at Third.

Calder's Circus

Be here, now
Research on the effects of meditation on youth suggests that it can increase intellectual receptiveness, reduce ADHD symptoms and mitigate gang tension. If it can do all that, it has to be helpful with two-years-olds, teenagers and every other difficult age in between. Mindful parenting is a great way to put meditation into practice and be more open to our children.
Mindful Parenting Workshop. Tuesday, July 27, 7:30-9 p.m. Adults only. $18-$28. Registration or call 415-701-PLAY. Recess Urban Recreation, 470 Carolina Street at 18th.

Traditions are another way to help ground children to place and to foster resilience and happiness. Starting a new family tradition is as easy as declaring a game night, choosing which day to make the weekly pilgrimage to Humphrey Slocombe (see you Sunday) or, perhaps, joining a family dance class together.
Family Dance Class. Sunday, July 25, 12:30-1:30 p.m. Ages 3+. $5-$20. 415-863-6606 to register. ODC Dance Commons, 351 Shotwell Street at 18th.

San Francisco was one of the earliest centers of yoga in America, and to judge by the number of yoga studios in the neighborhood, we’re all clear on the benefits—but it’s never too early to start the next generation off on the eight-fold path.
All-Ages Yoga Club. Friday, July 23, 5:30-6:30 p.m. All ages. Free. 415-452-7578, or jozaeta@ymcasf.org for questions or to RSVP. Mission YMCA, 4080 Mission Street at Alemany.

If yoga has been in San Francisco for over 100 years, knitting has surely been here much longer. And while it began to emerge as a “hip” hobby about 15 years ago, it’s the recognition of knitting as a countercultural craft, or even an asana in its own right, that’s most interesting. However you look at it—art, survivor skill, meditation—it’s worth getting the kids started.
Beginning Knitting for Kids. Saturdays: July 24, July 31, August 17, 10-11 a.m. Ages 8+. $48. 415-621-6642 to register. ImagiKnit, 3897 18th Street at Sanchez.

I grew up in an apartment, which in the ’70s meant no exposure to gardening. I blame my black thumb on the highrise, but Esperanza Gardens has a plan to guard our plants against the current generation of stickball players.
Youth Exploration in the Garden, an eight-week youth art, movement and garden program. Thursdays, August 12 to September 30, 3-5 p.m. Ages 5-7. $160. Contact Alana Corpuz at alanacorpuz@gmail.com with questions or to register. Esperanza Gardens, 685 Florida Street at 19th.

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