The website SeeClickFix allows users to post and vote on issues like infrastructure, violence or troubled parts of the city. The idea is that the city or someone will take note and fix the problem. But who could possibly solve the problem posted by “Concerned citizen” yesterday?

“The Mission is over caffeinated and being taken over by hipster young adults who think they are fitting in with the community. YOU STAND OUT, you just think you fit in because there is so many of you.

“Rent is therefore going sky high and more latinos are being pushed out of their own communities to make way to these coffee shops, boutiques, high class pricey restaurants, and basically B.S. that does nothing to benefit or support any issues or non-issues of the community itself.

“The latin culture is still here but is being pushed out slowly because of GENTRIFICATION. 24th St,San Francisco,CA 94110,USA”

We should point out that the user put the complaint at 24th and Folsom, near Philz coffee.

So far, three other people want it fixed.

I wonder if the person genuinely wants the city to address the issue? How can they?

Annelies Gamble, an administrator at SeeClickFix, wants the poster to be more specific:

“Thank you for posting this issue on the SeeClickFix website. However, do you have any specific and constructive suggestions on what you would like improved within this area? As of now, this issue is fairly broad making it difficult for government officials to respond.

“Thank you!”

Note: You can also access SeeClickFix on Mission Loc@l’s homepage.

Update: Aside from this post, there is also an interesting debate going on at the See Click Fix posting.

“Concerned citizen” responds:

Okay, I get some points being made. Integration IS better than segregation BUT not when the people who have lived here for years are being forced out of their own neighborhood. It isn’t pleasant to see shops I grew up around becoming shops that do nothing to benefit the community. I’m just not into the idea of the Latino community being pushed out. I know this elder senior, she went from living comfortably in her home to living in her garage because of gentrification. Its sad.
San Francisco city government is attempting to completely warp this city into this classy upscale metropolitan city. It deserves a mix.
It happened to the Fillmore. It happened to SOMA. It’s happening in the Mission. And next is Hunter’s Point. These new developments and changes ARE NOT in the interest of the African-American or Latino communities.

I guess my animosity just had to point a finger. At hipsters, because they are all I see. Opening up their retarded coffee shops when there are 3 on one street alone.

What about the kids? Why is it only the community members themselves having to put their own money into setting up programs and resources for the youth!

As you can see, there are many issues. So…..

“renzomatic,” replies.

What do you mean, none of these coffee shops do anything for the community? If the neighborhood can support multiple identical businesses, then that is what the community wants apparently. As to ‘giving back’ to the community, there are jobs, taxes that are paid, fees that are paid. That means, people are working, money is going to fix potholes, provide essential services. The idea that some portion of the city, if not all of it, must remain static is naive at the least and ignorant at best, when looking at the history of the city.

As to rent control, I don’t even want to begin having that discussion…