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The lone man shot on Shotwell Street Sunday night was shot in the leg twice when he ran into George’s market on the corner of Shotwell and 24th streets, according to the owner Adbul Sarh.

This could not be independently confirmed. Calls to the police department have not been returned.

Sahr, who has owned the store for 19 years, said the man and another person with him ran toward a remote corner of the store where he then lay down.

“It’s bad for business,” Sahr said who was not at the store at the time of shooting.

He added that his employee working at the time waited for the police to come by.

George’s Market was closed for three hours costing him an estimated $500 dollars, he said.

Despite the shooting Sahr and other neighbors said the neighborhood is much safer in the last couple of years.

The incident took place Sunday night around 7 p.m. and the gunfight lasted about five minutes, residents said.

An employee at the Guadalajara Taqueria across the street from George’s Market, who declined to give her name, said the bullet hole in the window also facing the market was from an earlier shooting and did not happen on Sunday.

Tony, a nearby resident who was walking with his two young children on Monday afternoon, said he only heard the shots but did not see the incident.

“They don’t let you enjoy living in the mission,” the longtime resident said.

On Sunday residents said that young men had been outside on Shotwell between 24th and 25th streets all day posturing and drinking.

Don, also a nearby resident, agreed that things have considerately improved despite the recent incidents.

“It used to be a lot worse,” he said.

“I can’t wait until the Sit/lie law passes,” Don said.

No one interviewed was clear on whether anyone detained for questioning Sunday had been arrested.  Police officials failed to respond to repeated calls.

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  1. “I can’t wait until the Sit/lie law passes,” don said.

    How could a Sit-Lie Law have prevented this?
    Was the shooter sitting or lying on the sidewalk?
    And don’t we already have laws discouraging the shooting of people?

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