Mission Loc@l has their very own bicycle. The fine folks over at Mission Bicycle Company sent us a message yesterday telling us that they decided to name it after us.

Apparently they name bicycles and the general manager thought of us on this one: “It reminded me of the old riddle ‘What’s black and white and ‘read’ all over?’ So Mission Loc@l came to mind.”

It would be cool if the deep v rims were metallic blue instead of black to reflect the Mission Loc@l colors. It is still a pretty sweet bike though.

Also new: El Tecolote website. It’s pretty solid stuff. El Tecolote is the longest running Spanish/English bilingual newspaper in California.

Also, new restaurant alert: Eater SF went to the Pica Pica Maize Kitchen media preview of the soon-to-be-Venezuelan restaurant. It’s going to be right at the corner of Valencia and 15th streets. This is what they said about it:

“The flavors were bright and fresh, and not as aggressively spiced as the Central American cuisines the Mission has traditionally been known for, and the marketing is savvy enough to jump on board the current gluten-free craze (making an entry into the faddish Los Angeles foodie scene rife with new age dietary anxiety nearly a certainty if it succeeds).”

The restaurant is scheduled to open Wednesday, May 12.

Last but not least, congratulations to UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism’s Class of 2010! They officially graduate today. It makes me nostalgic to think that two years ago, this class was the one responsible for creating this web site from the ground up.