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“Be Kind to This Rhyme/It’s Older Than I’m”

American poet Ogden Nash survives death (1971).

6 A.M.  49° and sun at six. Cool 60’s expected with light showers in the afternoon.

Take ICE Off Our Hands

The Sheriff, Dave Campos and other Supes showed up at a rally to denounce a new law allowing ICE access to fingerprints of anyone booked at the county jail, despite the level of crime.  The number of arrestees open to ICE review will go from 2,000 to 35,000+.

One Politician Earning His Keep

Tom Ammiano has put forth a brilliant plan to close a loophole in Prop 13, get big landowners/developers like Catellus Corp. (Mission Bay) to pay their fair share of taxes and take in billions for a state on the edge of bankruptcy.