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Happy Birthday William Shakespeare

6 A.M.  Crisp, clear 49° and going up to 69 in the park today. Get it while you can. Rain (?!) on tap for tomorow and Wednesday.

Who Needs Banksy?

Anonymous mural (photo) next to Dagwood & Scoops at 24th is new (to me).  A different kind of mural for a different kind of time.  Also saw Zore and friends, “a collective of individuals” putting up a work on 24th and Capp with  “Aztec, Japanese, and Graffiti” influences.

No Exit?

On Friday, Facebook announced a new Instant Personalization program allowing “partner” sites such as Yelp, Pandora and Microsoft Docs to “personalize your experience” on their sites.   As Electronic Frontier Foundation explains, entering  the program is automatic, opting out is much more difficult.