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Dolores Park Day

Is it?  It should be.  San Franciscans came to Dolores Park to escape the fire following the Big One in 1906.   On April 20, the fire that ravaged the city was finally halted in the Mission; with the help of the mighty Golden Hydrant.

There are other reasons to think of 4/20 as Dolores Park Day, and not because it’s Hitler’s Birthday.

6 A.M.  51°.  You thought the rain was over for this year?  Think again.

Doctor Says I’ve Got Journalism in My Blood

EaterSF looking for desperately diseased souls to ruthlessly exploit.   We can only imagine the “plausible writing position” they have in mind.

Power Outrage

PG&E recently dumped another $6 million of our dollars into their campaign to prevent public power in SF, making it second to Madam Megabucks in campaign spending this year.  That’s why Mark Leno wants to stop PG&E from spending our money without our consent.