snob theater is a small, all ages show offering intimate performances by musical artists and comedians. there are probably less than 50 seats in the club. otherwise, you can stand in the back by the bar. you must get there and claim your reservation no later than half an hour after the doors open (depending on the night, usually at either 7 or 7:30pm). door cover is $10, sometimes more if we have special guests. so buy tickets online.

if online tickets sell out, don’t despair. to snag a standing spot, line up before the show. once you’re in, the show doesn’t start till about an hour after doors open. music plays in the background; softly at first, so loud that you have a hard time hearing your friends as the night gets later. lights are dim, and they get darker as the evening progresses until you can barely see your feet. once the show starts, the announcer will demand rapt attention. no chatting allowed. cell phones – no way. this is not a hang out for your buddies with live music in the background. the artists get the full attention here, and it makes for a most wonderful music venue.

good luck! and rock on.

hosted by: shawn robbins

comedians: jules posner –
emily heller –
natasha muse –
mary van note –

musical guests:
dave smallen –
birdmonster –

Tickets: $10 at the door,
and online at