What if you’re a believer, and the Rapture comes?  Good News for you, right?  But how about the dog, the cat you’ve had for ten years?  They can’t make the trip.  Is there any way out of this conundrum?  Yes!  Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA, a group of animal lovers and genuine atheists, will be here to make sure your pets receive all the love and affection they would have received had you not moved on.  Pay a fee now and if the Rapture comes in the next decade, your pet will be saved.  With 2012 just around the corner, the group is said to be raking in the dough.


Legendary Mission Mayoral candidate Chicken John Rinaldi takes on Tania Katan, Chris Colin and Ali Liebegott in this month’s Literary Death Match.  Surprised to hear that Chicken John has a literary bent to his peculiar brand of sanity in a mad age?  I went to his website to check out his writings.  The only piece was this, under the title  Not Found:   “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”  Perfect!  Tania, Chris, Ali — watch out:  this guy’s got literary weapons you’ve never dreamed of.

p.s.  what would the MUNI crisis look like if Chicken John were in office?

Way Earlier Today

6 A.M.  46 ° F.

The Mission Today

A Slow Food panel discussion on Closing the Food Gap, Glide Memorial 6:30 to 8; ARTILLERY AG: Chuckel Art Reception; at the Women’s Building, a True Life Story of Becoming a Black Panther

Art and Revolution Return to the Mission

If only for one night — tonight — one night only!  The show is Defiant Proclamations at CELLspace Gallery from 7 to Midnight.  Dedicated to the vision and the work of local/radical/artist/anarchist outsiders (outside not only mainstream society but outside of any left or labor organization as well, maybe even outside anarchism),  the exhibit will feature “works old and new, giving a glimpse of the broad range of opinions and styles that have papered walls across the area.”  Free!

The Up Side of Fee Increases and Service Cuts

No, not revenue. Michael Rhodes at SFStreetsblog wonders if the MUNI fee hikes and route cuts aren’t pushing more people to ride bikes. He’s got some anecdotal evidence this may be happening.  And if it is, this will help:  Bike Shop Girl reports that Google Maps now shows biking trails and friendly streets.  Especially needed, she sez, in towns like SF.

“I am a man from this area”

This simple but intense (hyper-local) expression of place is something said to be a distinguishing characteristic of Kyogen, a classical Japanese form of comedy with similarities to Commedia Dell’Arte.  To celebrate it’s fourth decade, our local Japanese theater, Theater Yugen, invites its neighbors to a House Warming this weekend:  two Kyogen plays followed by a sake toast, and on Friday night, a blessing.

St. Patrick’s Days in San Francisco

Attention Historians.  Local archeology reveals that below its  “rich Latino tradition”, the Mission was home to a “rich Irish tradition.”  Most current Missionites don’t go back that far (never really get much further than a pint of Guiness), but the Irish formed for a long time the backbone of San Francisco’s working class.  Tonight, as part of the  2010 Crossroads Irish-American Festival, a discussion about the Irish as public workers in San Francisco.