Marc Caswell, a program manager for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, one of more than 60 groups involved in organizing  Saturday’s Save Muni Summit said “it’s time to move ahead on the parking meter extensions.”

“We’re intending to push on that pretty hard,” said Caswell.

The meeting of more than 60 organizations starts today at 8:15 a.m. at the Women’s Building at 3543 18th St.

The meeting is aimed at coming up with solutions to Muni’s ongoing service cuts and its deficit—some $100 million over the next two years.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Livable City, Walk SF and others hope to draw on a plan that includes extended parking meter hours,  some organizers said.

“Managing on-street parking intelligently is essential to livable and vital neighborhood commercial streets,” said Tom Radulovich, the executive director of Livable City.

He said that higher car turnover rates create more business for merchants – a view shared by Mayor Gavin Newsom.  The mayor has said he would only consider implementing Sunday metering.

However, 80 percent of Mission businesses surveyed by Mission Loc@l late last month, said they are against having any meter hours extending on evenings or Sundays.

The SFMTA’s study on the issue found nearly 60 percent of the stakeholders it surveyed were in favor of extending meter hours during the week, but only a little more than 40 percent were in favor of Sunday metering.

Mission Loc@l reported earlier that the study  found extended weekday hours more popular in other cities as well: only 14 of the 36 cities in the survey had metered parking on Sunday,  but 29 of 36 charged for parking after 6 p.m.

It’s unclear why the mayor and others favor Sunday parking fees over extended hours on the weekdays when the city’s report finds more support for the former.

Regardless, it’s likely to be only one of many items discussed at today’s meeting.

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Nick Sucharski

Nick Sucharski is the current transportation reporter for Mission Loc@l.

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