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CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission!  51° Fahrenheit; it’s been raining and it will continue to rain, so they say, with maybe a pause in the morning.

Marching Around MUNI

While some are marching against MUNI this March, others are taking their marching orders in a different direction.  On Saturday, in case you missed it,  the San Francisco chapter of the Guardian Angels were on patrol around 16th and Mission.  Probably not going to save MUNI, but then, don’t expect much from the MTA (who does?).  On the list of “ideas” to solve the budget mess — charging for transfers (quickly scotched; apparently a gouge too far for the gouge-happy Directors).   Meanwhile, in the spirit of bi-partisanship (i.e. talk like a Democrat, rule like a Republican), the Mayor continues his George Bush Sr. imitation — “no new taxes” — unless of course it’s a sales tax.  If you think the solution is to “soak the rich,”  you’ll have to wait until the poor and middle class are wrung dry.

Mad Marchness is Back!

Sick of watching college basetball yet?  And the tournament hasn’t even started.  Instead of March Madness, get off the couch and onto your bike for another round of Mad Marchness organized by Mission Cycling, who says it is the cycling event of the year.  It very well may be:  an 85 mile ride between here and Santa Cruz.   Saturday March 13.  All are welcome (not just the 64 best riders).

Sandwich Shoot Out on 24th

Last week this page reported that Dagwood and Scoops sandwich shop opening on 24th at Hampshire as something new and unexpected in the neighborhood.  Wrong.  As many people wrote in and otherwise accosted me on the street, there is a helluva sandwich shop already at the intersection, Pal’s Takeaway.  And here’s something for the the workaholic masses:  Pal’s delivers at lunch time (or breakfast time), 11:3o to 2.  Only in the Mission!

Cops Tangle with Critical Tautology

A new police chief, same old SFPD (except now they can’t wait to taser you if you sit down on a curb).  But will the cops go after Critical Mass as suggested (egged on?)  by Channel 7 news?  Critical Mass sez:  no way.  Why?  Because the group has reached a “critical mass.”

Windows Into the Tenderloin

Street art is spreading.  Hooray!  Thanks to Uptown Almanac for pointing out the new mural at Jones and Golden Gate in the Tenderloin.    Created by Mona Caron and the people of the Tenderloin (yes, serious street art; a community project), the mural will be dedicated on Friday.  All are welcome.  Well done!

As predicted, the rain has let up enough to run to Mission Pie for a walnut scone.  Got to keep them editors happy.

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