No, the Spirit World is not involved, to the best of our knowledge, in the health care debate.  However, this recent very strange article in the San Francisco Examiner (a source you can certainly trust) suggests some weird goings-on underneath the Bay Bridge.

The article suggests blame for the delays, cost-overruns, S-curve and death at S-curve, on the Ohlone, or to be precise, the dead Ohlone.  Obviously one of the more preposterous boondoggle excuses of all time. But what about those gravesites, and what about those bones?  Are the spirits restless because they are familiar with the California (American) history of vandalizing and plundering indigenous burial sites?

They should be.

How many bones, UC Berkeley, of how many tribes, recognized and unrecognized,  do you have locked away under the Women’s Gym?  The Ohlone are seeking federal recognition and the return of the bones for proper burial.

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Quake Mercs Make Easy Money. Fast!

Looking for a new line of work? Yesterday, Mark Mazetti and Dexter Filkins announced new opportunities for mercenaries to operate the dark side of counterinsurgency in HinduKushVille, even as General McChrystal “reigns in” the official special forces. But those with a more humanitarian inclination can try Haiti, where the invasion of private security companies as already begun. Port au Prince won’t need Vigilante death squads, like San Francisco one hundred years ago, to police the ruins. Need help spicing up your resume? Maybe Melissa Febos can help.

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The Mission Today

It’s “Act Happy Week”. No need to get wigged out: you don’t have to actually be happy.

Tonight at the Intersection for the Arts, Manufactured Manipulations, a exploration into the overlapping themes of media, pop culture and sexual violence, while at the Women’s Building, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club will be holding a General Membership Meeting.

Department of Home Despot

Interesting discussion of local architecture and color at Mission Mission yesterday featuring Mission-based color consultant, Bob Buckter. The work of a color consultant probably does get overlooked in the usual refined discussions of architecture in the Mission. Dr. Color has done some fascinating stuff around the neighborhood, although, if you read the comments, not everyone agrees.

Coming Down with a Case of Americanitis?

Who needs health care reform if we’ve got the cure to Americanitis? First discovered by traveling medicine salesmen (the prequel to Big PHARMA) in the 19th century, Americanitis is a recurring disease believed to be genetically based. The search for a cure continues tonight at Southern Exposure, with a discussion (“focus group”) on current manifestations of Americanitis in the Mission. It is all part of Alison Pebworth’s current exhibition “America: Beautiful Possibilities”. By April 15, Alison says she’ll have an elixir that will rid us forever of this dread disease.

Anger Management

Guerrero and 18th, on the banks of the old Lake Dolores, generally not thought of as a particularly rough or angry part of the Mission these days (unless you are fighting for a table at Delfina’s). So it’s something of a surprise to find the “angry reader of the week” at Angry Asian Man to be a resident of said micro-hood; Chi-hui Yang, director of this week’s San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festival. Cool. But angry?