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CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.          Good Morning Mission District!

The current temperature at 24th and Mission is a calm 53 degrees Farenheit.  Outlook today from the government is fog, lifting for clouds, breaking for more fog later in the day/evening.  Early morning mind graffiti:  “Love is not love until love is vulnerable.”  — Theodore Roethke

The End of Love?

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed without major heartbreak, can we safely assume we are through with love, at least for another year?  No way!  Caught up in the love tsunami sweeping the Mission this winter, missionloc@l will be sending valentines all week.

The End of Love (track 2)

Every tsunami has its limits; every love its measure of heartbreak.  Mission Mission reports more violence Saturday night/Sunday morning outside the Blue Macaw.

Faith in Graffitti

Vandalism or Art?  Bloodwars Magazine asserts the murals on Caledonia Alley between 16th and 15th will test the proposition that “graffiti is an art and a subculture focused around art and creativity as opposed to vandalism.” And don’t forget the evidence presented by The Lilac Project where spray cans were active again this past weekend.  Finally, we’re pleased to see the Chron giving a nod to the “incandescent murals” of the Mission, noting one of the  pre-graffiti examples of our ‘hood’s most popular art form.

Protect your Local Surfer

Waves down at Maverick are not the biggest worry for most Mission surfers.  As noted last week, the FBI is anxious to know what websites we’ve been visiting.  But they’re not the only ones.   The Mission District’s Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the world’s premier defenders of individual privacy in the age of surveillance, is running an experiment to evaluate the privacy risk posed by browser fingerprinting, and to help protect surfers.  Go to EFF and find out how you can help.

Goodbye Ghetto Gold

Has the bling blung its last?  In a Valentine’s Day special, Mission cartoonist and chronicler of all things gentrified, Rio Yanez, comments on the disappearance of  the ghetto gold hustler from our streets.  Should the EPA designate the hustler  an “endangered species?”  Of course they may have  just moved on to bigger and blingier hustles like CDOs, sub-prime mortgages and other “financial products.”

Watch Out Bugs!  Yosemite Sam is now a Gourmet Chef

Meat-eater special on the way sez the Mission’s Meatpaper Magazine.   In honor of National Rabbit Week, chefs Chris Kronner of Bar Tartine and Sean Rembold of Diner in Brooklyn will create a four-course dinner featuring Devil’s Gulch rabbits to be served at Bar Tartine.  Some of of the profits will go to the relief work in Haiti funded by DGES.

Has Anyone Seen My Cell Phone?

Next time you lose your cell phone, check with FBI.  As if obtaining records of the websites we’ve visited wasn’t enough, we now learn the FBI wants to keep tabs on the whereabouts of our cell phones.   The Bureau has already begun cell phone location-data-mining, which is cool with the Obama folks who yawn and say no one (reasonably) expects their cell phone location to be private anyway.

On to more inspirational items on the agenda like a breakfast sausage sandwich at Rosamunde — almost worth waking up for.