Leave the Pants at Home

The 6th Annual Valentine’s Day Underwear party kicks off tonight at the Knockout. Billed as the “best semi-nude dance party” one can only hope that it kicks off nearly as much blogger debate as Debaser.

Also with significantly more clothing (we hope), former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri is playing a free show at Bender’s on Sunday. Bring a valentine, drink some Pliny.

Gangsta’s -> Hipster’s -> Yuppie’s Paradise

Over at BeyondChron, Randy Shaw takes a look at Sharon Zukin’s new book, “Naked City: Searching for Authenticity in Urban Neighborhoods.”

“Zukin’s chief thesis, which few would dispute, is that gentrification depends on transforming neighborhoods so that they are seen as “gritty” and “authentic” by the professional class.”

It’s mostly focused on neighborhoods in New York, but the theory is that the boilerplate applies to any potentially authentic urban neighborhood. (Pssst – the real villain – those independent, progressive cafes!)

Meanwhile, the Mission’s own Rio Yañez takes stock of Mission Street and where it is now. The faded glory of Dore Studio, ghetto bling and Norteño Batman, it’s all in there. I give ghetto gold 14 months until it becomes the new hip thing.

One block away from Mission Street, Curbed SF reports a new 16-unit building is planned to go up in lieu of the building that currently houses Spork. Rooftop deck and interminable neighborhood debate included.

Saturday’s Mission Street Food menu involves 48-hour beef short rib. Need I say more? It also includes their legendary pb&j (pork belly and jicama) sandwich

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