Officers from Mission Station apprehend an unidentified man who threatened a nearby resident

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A man was arrested Wednesday afternoon on the 100 block of Albion Street after threatening the safety of a resident and resisting arrest.

Police were called at 3:45 p.m. when the unidentified man refused to leave the steps of Kathleen Crowley’s home near 16th Street.

“He said he was going to hit me,” Crowley said. “I was standing here hoping a cop was going to come.”

Mission Station officers R. Daugherty and C. Rallis were first on the scene and had to wrestle the suspect to the ground after he resisted arrest.

A patrol car sped to the scene from 17th Street and two more officers aided in the arrest.

Crowley said the man was drinking on her steps and began yelling at her after she asked him to leave.

She and her two daughters were home at the time of the altercation.

Rallis said the man was arrested on charges of criminal threats and resisting arrest.

“The man was obviously drunk and dangerous,” said Rallis.

Crowley, who’s lived on Albion Street for a year, said she’s had kids loiter on her steps in the past. However, none have threatened her before.

“He looked me full on in the eye and was like, I’m gonna get you,” she said of the man who threatened to assault her.

Unrelated to the incident, an intoxicated man nearby was treated by officers and paramedics

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