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CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission District.  A calm 53 ° F and overcast.  Rain likely everyone is saying,  and as the light comes up, it’s looks like it.  If you thought yesterday was way too nice a day to sit in an airless cubicle, you won’t have that problem today.  Other problems await.

Immigrants on Ice

Immigration reform, along with other reforms has been put on the back burner by the Obama Admin prompting impatience among immigration activists.  New America Media reports on actions to keep reform alive, ending with a note about the Church of Latter Day Saints, which is increasingly speaking out in favor of immigrants as more immigrants in Utah become Mormon.

Who Will Pay for MUNI?

SF Streetsblog reports MUNI workers may vote again this week on a package of concessions to help bridge the $16.9 million MTA budget deficit.  Without the concessions, MUNI says it will raise fares on seniors and disabled and will make even deeper cuts in service routes.  The problem is that even with the concessions, increased fares and cuts are likely.  Another proposal to close the deficit would involve raising parking meter fees and extending hours, an idea not terribly popular with Mission merchants. Is there any way we can do this without taking it out of workers, seniors or small business?  SatanzDoc writes in with a novel suggestion.  Noting Chase Bank (that’s right:  JP Morgan Chase, one of the “too big to fail” banks) recently moved into town, Doc thinks we should ask Jamie Dimon, CEO for an entrance fee, or a “Mission hipster tax.”  The bonus alone he got last year (reportedly $17 million) for his “savvy” ripoff of taxpayer dollars would more than fill the hole.

Cool Bike Bags R Us

Is the coolest day pack made right here in the Mission?  Fibre2Fashion writes that Mission Workshop has come up with something they call the Vandal, for cyclists and anyone else who relies on a bag to get them through the day.  Among other features, it expands and contracts as needed, which certainly sounds cool, even intriguing.  Check it out on Fibre2Fashion or the Workshop’s own site.

Taking Lipstick Off the Pig

Although the swine flu has not yet turned into the epidemic forecast, as we noted last week, a public campaign urging vaccination is in full swing supported by government officials and public health activists.  Some in Europe are more skeptical and pressing for an investigation.  Whether or not the threat was/is exaggerated, for the vaccine manufacturers, 2009 was a great year.

The fantastic photo comes from Ted Waitt through the missionloc@l flickr pool.  a guy named moody.