Current temperature at 22nd and Bartlett 57ºF and overcast. Rain promised.  Again.  OK, maybe the lull between storms was longer than expected.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (don’t rush) II

This morning we reported another delay in repealing “don’t ask don’t tell” while the Pentagon studies the issue (see below).  Ricardo Reis, an old comrade-in-arms, writes in:  “Hey man, you think it’s easy repealing a law that no one likes?  These things take time, dude, careful planning and allocation of resources.  Got to get it right the first time. WTF, it’s not like we’re invading Iraq or winning the hearts and minds of Pashtunistan.”

OK, they’re playing Old Dylan:  “It’s all over now Baby Blue.”  I get the message.  It’s time to breathe.

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CAFE BOHEME 6 A.M. Good Morning Mission District!

Current temperature at 24th and Mission is a soggy, very soggy, but not rainy 49F.  Looks like rain; feels like rain.  All day.  Possibly forever.  Bodies, dark and indistinguishable take advantage of the lull, come out of the dark, stand at the bus stops, descend into BART.

Weather Forecast for SF Summer

Education may not have been “frozen” in Obama’s latest budget, but it’s going to be  colder than usual this summer in SF.  As reported by Missionloc@l when the decision was first made back in October, City College announced yesterday it will freeze out summer school students.   Students called the decision “pathetic,”  “insulting,”  “offensive,” and  “infuriating,” adding a favorite epithet or two.  On second thought, who knows?   Maybe we’ll have a hot summer after all.

Munich by the Bay

SF Beer Week kicks off tonight.  In the Mission Humphry Slocombe will be collaborating with local brewers to produce a collection of unique beer ice creams.  Other Mission venues, including Nombe and  The Front Porch will also be participating.  And don’t forget the 2nd annual Beer 2 Brakers group bicycle ride taking off at 10:30 from 933 Treat St.  For more information, and there’s a lot,  open up a beer and check out the schedule of events.

Munchies by the Bay

With so much beer, football (americano) must not be far behind.  And guess what?  It’s the Super Bowl!  And so the big question this year, like every year, is not who’s going to win, but what’s to eat?  SFist weighs in with this heart stopper. Last person still standing, please turn off the tube.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (don’t rush)

The Hill reports that despite the President’s repeated commitments and the dramatic testimony of Defense Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen, don’t ask don’t tell may be around longer than we care to think.  Gates says the Pentagon will do a year-long study, at least, as to how to do it.  Our own Fighting Nancy has declined to promise legislation this year, defering to the Pentagon study.

Evidence of an Election Year

Although more people were laid off than expected last month, the official unemployment rate went down.  Below 10 percent! Shouldn’t Orwell be required reading for aspiring journalists?

Daybreak dank.  Still not raining, mist heavy.  A couple who look like they’ve been traveling all their lives come in with the morning light.  Like Glenna, the opening barista at La Boheme, they don’t have computers or cell phones or “any of that stuff.”   Later, when someone asks Glenna how she lives an urban life offline, she says “simply, very simply.”

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