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CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission District.  61°  F.

Park Renovation Interrogation

So what is going on with the Dolores Park renovation?  After a month of conflicting and partial information, local denizens will have a chance to get some straight answers from the Parks Department.  The first public meeting on the upcoming Dolores Park renovation project will be next week, March 3, from 6-8 p.m. at the Dolores Park Church.  “Enhanced interrogation techniques” will be prohibited unless you have a letter from John Yoo.  For more information, see Dolores Park View.

Bike Heist Foiled

Mission Mission reader Anna K. checks in with the story of a failed bike heist foiled by Anna herself.  If you lost a bike near 20th and Lexington Sunday morning, check  out Anna’s story or call the cops at 415 252 1426.

$5 Sandwich Discovered on 24th

Missionloc@l continues to hear many good things about the new sandwich shop at 24th and Hampshire, Dagwoods and Scoops.  Haven’t tried it yet, but local gossip sez the ice cream comes from Mitchell’s and the sandwiches, including vegan and veggie as well as standard pork loin, etc., are a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Hey Mom, It’s The New Blonde!

Reporting a trend that has thus far escaped missionloc@l’s own intrepid fashion-mongers, Nova Scotia’s Chronicle Herald reports on the trendiness of grey hair among high school students and 20-somethings.  The story features missionloc@l’s neighbor, Ally Kurn from Curl Up on Dye on 18th and Treat.  After all, says Kurn, now a brunette, “anyone can get their hair coloured pink.”  Not everybody, Ally.

Dead Man Walking

Last year legendary anarcho-journalist John Ross visited the Mission during a book tour.  Writing now in Counterpunch, he gives his impressions of pre-apocalypse America from that tour.  Despite being interviewed by missionloc@l’s delightful Bridget Huber,  Ross found today’s Mission somewhat grim.  Perhaps if the Zapatistas take over the roofotop at Medjool . . .

Senegal at Night

Tired of having to fly to Dakar for rum infused drinks after 10 p.m.?  Good news from Little Senegal (19th and Mission).  Reportedly on the way out,  rumor now has it that the original Bissap Baobab will remain open, becoming a late night lounge featuring small plates, specialty drinks and visits by the Mission’s steet eats.

Mark Rabine

Mark Rabine has lived in the Mission for over 40 years. "What a long strange trip it's been."

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  1. Correct! What kind of fool neglects to mention the abundantly clear, deep, empyrean-pure photonic shower in the Mission this morning – shadows thick and sharp like the daggers gauchos carry. Especially after a day in the cloud forest (not necessarily of the mind). Our coordinates have been washed clean. Cubicle heads and those still sleeping: don’t miss it.

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