The Cesar Chavez Street redesign, an inter-agency effort, focuses on safety and efficiency and will occur in two phases.

The first phase, which is likely to start this summer, involves redoing the sewage system to reduce flooding.

Above ground, the second phase will involve planting more trees, using energy-efficient street lights and converting  the three lanes of traffic in each direction to two lanes.  With concerns over safety, a 14-foot tree-lined median and widened curbs will be paved to decrease the time needed for pedestrians to cross the intersection. Bicyclists will also be able to enjoy the additional street space through permanent bike lanes.

The redesign has brought attention to the day laborers along Cesar Chavez Street, most of whom object to the city’s plans to relocate them at a new site on Bayshore Boulevard.

Roel Aguirre, supervisor of La Raza Centro Legal’s Day Labor Program, said Wednesday that the change could be a good thing.

“People are going to go where the work is,” Aguirre said. “If they want to work, they’ll get there — whether they walk there or bike.”

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