If you celebrate Christmas, you probably had a huge meal yesterday, hopefully with some nice wine or hot buttered rum (or whatever the vegan alternative to buttered rum would be.) The last thing you probably want to think about is more food, unless you happen to be like this editor.

The New York Times is allover the Mission District today, with local journalistic rabble-rouser Scott James looking at Schmidt’s Chocolates, which closed this year.

Meanwhile, Jordan MacKaye investigates the mystery behind Christmas/winter beers, which really doesn’t have that much to do with the Mission besides that it starts off at fine-beer establishment Shotwell’s, but lots to do with highfalootin’ craft beers, which is worth the link in itself.

Broke-Ass Stuart recommends that Mission taquerias lose such pretentious names as El Farolito and Taqueria Cancun, and just tell it like it is (Big Burritos! Cheap!)

Last, badass photographer Jason Schlachet snapped this panorama-style shot with a widelux camera at the 16th and Mission BART station. More impressive when you realize the image was handheld, with a 2.5 second exposure.