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  1. This story seems incomplete. It gives no real detail. How does this visa waiver deal work? And why wouldn’t a guy married to a U.S. citizen be able to get a permanent resident visa? The story makes the system appear incomprehensible, unnavigable. .. did these young people just get married without consulting an immigration lawyer? I can understand that, if that is what happened. Few people want to think they have to consult a lawyer to make life decisions,such as marrying. I think most Americans assume that foreigners married to Americans can apply for, and receive, resident visas based on their marriage. This story should address that instead of offering an emotional, confusing plea for support. Maybe these young marrieds are just idiots?

  2. this is a sad story. ??? ICE do not go after hardcore criminals who are murderers…such as Edwin Ramos killing three family members in San Francisco. Instead ICE goes after someone who is NOT hurting anyone. Murat should have adhere to the rules and procedures or filed an extension with the Immigration office.

  3. Love is not enough anymore so your homework and put some effort into establishing a legal status if you’re going to relocate to another country. A quick google search will tell you that the visa waver program is for short term visitors. It is an ‘attractive’ option because you are expected to go home BEFORE your visa expires.

    The system might not be fair or easy to navigate, but plenty of people have managed to do so, thus it is possible. Furthermore, to be deported to a place where there’s suicide bombers and drug wars can be devastating, but they’re going to be in f-ing Paris.

    I’d feel a little more sympathy if the Tamale Lady gets deported, but somehow I have a feeling I she has all her paperwork in order.

  4. Yes, I feel bad for them, but I’m married to a foreigner and we went through the whole process to get him here legally.. Yes it was a hassle, a bit expensive (a couple thousand- and we didn’t use any lawyer, you don’t need to if you havn’t broken any laws to begin with) , and took 3 years! However now we are happily living in San Francisco and don’t have to worry about any legal hassles or deportation down the road.

    And for those who were wondering above if you can just get a visa easily if you’re married to an American- it’s not guaranteed and it’s not that easy- there are still many interviews, medical tests, background checks, forms, tax records, financial checks, etc to go through- and they can still deny spouses of Americans entry- the only special treatment you get is if they approve your greencard application you get to enter the USA straight away instead of waiting in line for a spot to open up like other immigrants have to do.

    Anyway, Paris is not a bad place to be either!

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