1:50 a crowded city hall. People waiting to get into the main chamber where the supervisors are going to vote on the amendment to reverse the year-old policy of reporting youth to immigration when they are booked. Last week the supervisors voted 10-2. Today they will give have the final vote on the legislation.

2:09 roll on item 1-14 considered “routine” are passed unanimously.

2:10 the city of San Francisco will send $150,000 to the Philippines and American Samoa.

2:11 item 18 now being heard. the amendment to the sanctuary city policy regarding reporting minors to immigration.

3:22 the board voted 8-3 to reverse the year-old policy of when to report youth to immigration.

3:24 very emotional testimony from a woman who says she is being affected by the current policy.

3:28 supervisors Daly and Sean Elsbernd arguing regarding item 34,

3:43 board of supervisors votes to pass legislation that will approve the issuance for a proposal of clean power.