Yesterday, as advertised, the Board of Supes delivered a veto-proof majority so undocumented youth regain due process, before facing deportation if convicted of a felony. Controversy lingers as Newsom continues his belligerence, seemingly in an effort to court moderates over Latinos in his race for governor.

Fuzzy to crack that cold, calculating campaign mind of his.

Details are fuzzy as well today from San Francisco’s reticent police.

A suspect’s in custody for the stabbing that happened after midnight a day ago at 22nd and Bartlett, as local CBS tells it. Not much else here.

Mission Local’s Bryan Gibel reports free flu vaccinations in the Mission on Halloween, before you go trick-or-treating.

U.S. health officials are trumpeting a 50 percent bump in available vaccines from last week, though they remain almost six times short of earlier predictions.

The AP explains the hold up: “The vaccine is grown in eggs in a reliable but slow process, and smaller amounts of it were being produced per egg than expected.”

And as you probably know, the sky is falling. The Bay Bridge is indefinitely closed as of the wee hours this morning, after a bit of last month’s emergency repairs snapped yesterday evening. Entrepreneur and SF Gate City Bright Yobie Benjamin evokes a healthy dose of panic and blames outsourcing to the Chinese.

Obama and his special envoy head there to chat about global warming and shoddy steel next month.