If you see a bunch of Pirates sauntering around the Mission tonight, don’t be alarmed, the buccaneers are out partying after a Treasure Island Music Festival sponsored hunt. The prize: dressing like Johnny Depp and winning VIP tickets to the festival.

If the fear of bed bugs has been keeping you up at night, don’t fret, Dog Eared Books has discarded their creepy-crawly infested couches.  Mission Mission reports new furniture is on the way.

Now that you’re your feeling hungry, why not head over to Pi Bar. Long awaited and much touted, the Valencia Street Pizzeria boasts beer and New-York Style slices—get one of each for just over six bucks. Not bad, not bad at all. Our own Brooke Minters will have a full report on the restaurant for you soon.

Looking for other Mission delights? A new blog, Hidden Menu, whose tagline reads, “eat between the lines,” is geared up to do just that. Its first post decodes Delifina’s secret menu, including, the Magic Pizza, The Purgatorio, and Zeppole— a plate of deep-fried  pizza dough smothered in mascarpone.

On a more serious note, San Francisco’s AIDS and HIV funding is at the risk of being lost. The city has steadily lost its endowment since 2006, as funds move to rural areas where HIV is on the rise. San Francisco stands to lose some $5.3 million if a provision to keep the its funding is not passed October 31.

But don’t be too depressed, after checking out some new eateries, or a new spin on some old favorites, you can always hit up Data Rock show tonight at Slims.  Matching sweatsuits not included.