House made Bucatini with braised pork shoulder, gypsy peppers and rabe.

Earlier this month Mission Loc@l reported on Galeria de La Raza’s Ghetto Frida mural, a new piece aimed at growing up in the Mission. Now, Frida’s in the news again, but this time eyebrows are raised over a questionable collection of Frida fares. Fact or faux, you be the judge.

On yesterday’s 5-Fulton bus an abandoned gym bag did more than raise eyebrows–it called for an all-out evacuation of the Transbay Terminal and the barring of a six block radius of  cars and pedestrians.

House made Bucatini with braised pork shoulder, gypsy peppers and rabe.

Luckily, though, it turns out the only thing blowing up in San Francisco is the fledgling Mission restaurant Flour + Water. Check out their Sunday review in the New York Times or Viola’s earlier this summer.

All this hubbub made me think I better check out this local gem–a restaurant co-owner David Steele calls “of the neighborhood, by the neighborhood, and for the neighborhood.”

After stumbling in on the restaurant’s family (staff) meal of  fresh bucatini pasta, tuna conserva with heirloom tomatoes, and cantaloupe granita topped with sparkling almond praline, I knew I’d be back. If this is how they feed their staff, I can only imagine the menu

Speaking of working up an appetite, these pigeons, caught by Mission Mission bring new meaning to the phrase, “I’m hungry enough to eat a horse.” Where did that skull come from anyway? The Mission District never ceases to surprise me.

Pigeons eating a horse, sounds comical, why not enter the 24-hour Comic Book writing challenge at Mission Comics and Art. Get your 24-hour draw on, starting at 11a.m. October 3rd.

If you can’t get famous making good food or epic graphic novels, you might as well try your luck at being an American Apparel Model, or if TV’s your thing, a spot as an extra on the new San Francisco drama, Trauma–both have casting calls this week.

Still thirsty for fame, but modeling and television not your thing, here was one man’s ticket to stardom: climb into the grizzly bear enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo. Somehow none of those sound appealing.

On a lighter, more cuddly note, it’s Sea Otter Awareness Week. Be aware, be very aware.

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