Nineteen-year-old Andres Siordia appeared in court Monday just before 10 a.m., and was informed he will be charged with murder for the death of Francisco Peña, and attempted murder for the nonfatal shooting of another victim.

Both incidents happened  Sunday at Papa Potrero’s Pizza. Additional charges for the death of Francisco Cornejo may be added at another date pending further investigation, according to the district attorney.

Siordia’s official arraignment has been postponed until Monday at the request of Public Defender Rebecca Young. Bail was set at $2 million.

Siordia, heavyset with black, square-framed glasses and a tattoo on his neck, appeared with arms and legs shackled and a chain encircling his waist. He wore a red jail uniform instead of the usual orange, signaling that he is considered a high security risk.  Young said he appeared very scared.

There are currently no gang allegations — which would provide a special circumstance to the murder charge — against Siordia, though this may be amended, said Assistant District Attorney Brian Buckelew.

So long as Siordia is held on one murder charge, Buckelew said, the district attorney’s office will use the extra time for further investigation before deciding whether to charge him for the murder of Francisco Cornejo, who was shot and killed in the brawl at the pizza parlor on Sunday.

The death of Peña and Cornejo followed an incident Friday night on 24th and Shotwell streets that left 21-year-old Michael Sanchez dead and another injured. At the time he was killed, Sanchez was riding in the white stretch limousine Siordia had rented Friday to celebrate earning his GED, according to police.

Police believe both incidents to be gang-related and connected. Police say they questioned a recalcitrant Siordia in the park after Friday’s murder,  which is how he was apprehended within 10 minutes of the second murders.

No charges have been filed yet against the 16-year-old male who was also taken into custody Sunday and is currently being held at a juvenile facility, according to Buckelew.

Police presence in the Mission remains high in an effort to prevent further violence.

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  1. Thanks for this comment — you raise some really good questions that we’re also curious about and currently investigating. Hopefully we’ll have more updates soon.

  2. There still a lot of outstanding questions. Captain Tacchini at Tuesday’s meeting certainly implied that everyone involved was gang related. Sanchez and Siordia have been linked to the Norteno gang. Since Siordia was present at the time Sanchez’s killing it seems reasonable on the surface that these could be revenge killings.

    But it’s fairly well known in the neighborhood that Pena and Cornejo were not in the Norteno gang. So what was Siordia’s motivation? Were Pena and Cornejo involved in the Friday night incident? Was Sunday’s shooting premeditated? Could it be that Sunday’s shooting was just a completely different matter – maybe just an argument that went wrong right there and then. Who was the third man shot on Sunday and how was he involved with all this?

    It’s too easy to just brush this off as gangsters killing each other – we live who in the neighborhood and knew these folks deserve better answers.