The Dalai Lama believes in joy. Go out and get some!Let Mission Eyes take you to the premiere of ‘La Mission’and then get thee to the art walk.

OK, so if you’re still reading, there are new developments in the nightclub scene. City Insider reports that Police Chief Heather Fong promised to beef up patrols near troubled clubs, including Florida Street’s Whisper, the club that saw a few shootings on its doorstep on April 12. Mission District’s CaptainTacchini had sent a letter asking for more patrols during the club’s final weeks open.

This summer you can walk down the middle of the street, according to the Examiner, which reported that the city’s Sunday Streets program will now include the Mission District. The current proposal would close streets to link Garfield Square to Dolores Park. Pedestrians and bikers are stoked, especially these folks.