The mighty hand of the law hath spoken: the beloved El Tonayense taco truck may likely have to move, unless a compromise can be reached, but not until school’s out. Huh.

Moving on, the New York Times confirmed what ML’s Ayako Mie’s sources believed: Jan 2009 rents were down 32.4 percent in our fair city. We’re up there with Las Vegas and San Diego. If the drop harkens a “new beginning for the middle class” then perhaps this might be a good time to open shop in one of our alluring vacancies, which ML’s Nick Kusnetz will tell you all about tomorrow.

“La Mission,” a film tribute to our very own neighborhood will open this year’s San Francisco International Film Festival (every film is a foreign film somewhere…) at the Castro Theater on April 23. The directors even cast 24th Street fixture Leonardo Medrano, aka Don Leo, as an agoraphobic character. The real Medrano has been selling flowers in front of La Victoria bakery at the corner of Alabama for about seven years, says a SF Weekly blog.

OK, so I can’t make it to tonight’s MSF — it’s time to take one for the team, fair readers. Go forth, eat and send us photos.