We’re happy to hear the spicy papusas at Balompie Cafe found a happy home in the stomach of the Bay Guardian’s Juliette Tang, who says they’re perfect for that post-lunch/pre-dinner snack. I’ll try that, Juliette, but my favorite Mission afternoon bite is a sweet $1.50 arepa, hot off the grill at Colombian eatery Mr. Pollo.

The Chron‘s City Insider reports that the mayor is demanding that the Department of Public Health find $100 million in its budget to cut. That amounts to more than six percent of the budget for the city’s biggest department, and decisions no one would take pleasure in making—like whether to cut mental health services for AIDS patients or support for homeless youth centers. Got any ideas?

Speaking of the mayor, he’s thrown his critics another hunk of raw meat. As the Chronicle reports, Gavin’s friend and donor Gus Murad, owner of Medjool, scored a stroke of luck when a city planner penciled in the height of his 2550 Mission condo project at 85 feet—20 feet higher than the zoning limit. After the planning board recognized its “accident” and revised the legislation, the mayor vetoed the revised version.

People like to create stuff in the Mission District. Like green houses, protests, music, and fixed-gear bikes. It’s a place for makers, which is why we’d like to pass along the call for entries for the 2009 Maker Faire Bay Area, thanks to the Laughing Squid, which took neat photos of last year’s event.