Damn! After much excited babble about the topic on Thursday and Friday, I wasn’t able to make the 2nd Annual Norcal Grilled Cheese Invitational in Dolores Park. Sigh – eating fail. Did anyone out there make it, and how was it? Who had the winning sandwich?

The Mission webs have been fairly quiet today—guess everyone was eating lots of grilled cheese and NOT blogging. So many showed up, in fact, that most could not get a judge’s wristband. Mission Mission followed the twitter feeds and Flickr posts. There’s also a sweet concert flyer for Commissure, who’s playing Saturday night at the Sub-Mission Art Space on 18th and Mission.

Also, Muni Diaries has been looking at BART’s broken escalators, one of which involved the 24th and Mission station. It does seem like there has been a rash of escalator failures lately, though not quite as bad as the broken escalators and elevators, not to mention constant track repairs, in Washington D.C.’s metro.