Mission Mission brings us an excerpt of the Mission Station newsletter from SFPD Captain Tacchini, reporting that they have arrested several people who have allegedly committed several holdups in the Mission. In particular, Tacchini highlights an arrest of a gunman who held up two people with a shotgun, Omar-style.

Meanwhile, there was apparently a drive by shooting last night on Capp Street. We also thank @schlachet for the tweet to our website.

Who would like another BART station in the Mission, say, at 30th Street? Burrito Justice is making the case for that as well as several other long lost San Francisco transit projects.

Because we can’t go a day without something related to food in the Mission, in their second installment of “The Gatekeepers,” where you can meet those at the doors or the front podiums of your favorite dining establishments, Eater SF has posted an interview with Bar Tartine employee Xelina Leyba.

Local business owners take note – on the citywide front, Mayor Gavin Newsom outlined a plan to stimulate the San Francisco economy last weekend, much of which involves tax breaks to local businesses.

Last, this is a tool that many of us here at Mission Loc@l have used as a resource for our reporting, but MAC SF (via Mission Mission) has gone ahead and posted the Healthy Development Measuring Tool statistics for the Mission District. Search and discover.

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