Saddle up for even more American Apparel attention. Mother Jones presses famed anti-AA crusader Chicken John to reconcile the Mission’s anti-American Apparel-ism with the fact that at any given moment, a giant fraction of Mission hipsters are wearing American Apparel clothes. And Chicken John doesn’t waver. In fact, he hates waverers—like people who live in Berkeley, for example. They’re so wishy-washy:

“You can’t be squishy. You’ve got to come up with something and then I’m going to retort. You can’t give me Berkeley. Because Berkeley doesn’t work. We’ve all been to Berkeley. We all hate Berkeley. No one wants Berkeley. Berkeley is like, ‘Well, sort of like this, and kind of like that, and whatever, I don’t know, whatever you’re into I’m against it and whatever,’ and it’s impossible to do business. Everything is amorphous and squishy and a giant blob of bureaucracy that just takes over.”

Ah, that warms our Berkeley-grad-students’ hearts.

Stephen Elliott, major anti-AA organizer, writes an open letter to the Chronicle, calling ’em out for failing to send any reporters to the planning commission meeting, but nevertheless letting two columnists rail against Missionites’ anti-corporatism.

The AA flap even gets a nod from Rush Limbaugh. Believe it.

And in non-AA news—there’s just a little of it—the SF Examiner editorializes in favor of the controversial gang injunction, saying crime stats show a “meaningful improvement” in neighborhood safety.

Lastly, at a breakfast meeting of businessfolk, Mayor Newsom released the outline of a “local stimulus” package that includes one measure to let artists use vacant buildings rent-free, and another to jumpstart small businesses with $5,000 to $10,000 microloans.