Pick up the latest issue of El Tecolote to catch up on the homie that got kicked out of Mission High. HOMEY, that is, the anti-violence organization, whose after-school program the principal says was poorly attended. Staff, however, claim the move was intended to silence them after they raised concerns about illegal suspensions.

Regardless of the reason, HOMEY isn’t the only youth program wanting of youth. As Mission Loc@l reported several months ago, after a long day at school, most kids just want to leave campus.

Matier and Ross report today that after winning a seat in the state legislature, our old supe Ammiano has received just one junket offer: a trip to New Jersey to visit childcare centers. Ammiano reportedly said, “I spend half my life trying to get out of there, and they want to send me back.”

We hope he can do more good in Sacramento, where prima donnas in the legislature refuse to budge on the budget. Today, the San Jose Mercury News and 10 of its sister papers of the MediaNews Group Inc. published a front-page (yeah, that means they’re serious) editorial excoriating our state pols. Amen to that! is the official stance of Mission Loc@l.

Finally, the Philadelphia City Paper points out that American Apparel may have more to worry about than Mission District protesters. Urban Outfitters apparently has adopted the Los Angeles retailer’s advertising style of baring more skin than threads. Not that AA was a pioneer in that department. They simply perfected it.