[lang_en]Today’s Mission: 01.29.09 [/lang_en]

Weekend fun in the Mish: anti- anti-sweatshop store protest; taxidermy for kids; disposable flicks.

[lang_en]Back to everyone’s favorite subject. For you early risers, Stop American Apparel has posted a press release from Pirate Cat Radio. Pirate Cat will be hosting a protest against the proposed American Apparel on Valencia Street. A perfect way to express yourself on the last day of the month. 988 Valencia Street, 9:00am, Saturday, January 31. See a related post on SFist here.   [/lang_en]

[lang_en]Further up Valencia Street, 7×7 has posted a profile of Paxton Gate‘s Curiosities for Kids, in the former New College building.

From the post:
The new space puts a G-rated twist on Paxton Gate’s slightly morbid, neo-Victorian, taxidermalicious brand. Life-size trees with branches of spiraling nautical rope fill the cavernous, 1,500-square-foot space; vintage Structo fire trucks are placed on pedestals; Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes and Freaky Flora are shelved in the story corner; and puppets of all sorts hang on the walls, including an old French marionette that Quigley admits is “cute and scary at the same time.”

Also, from Mission Mission, the Disposable Film Festival, and some more Mission geographic history.   [/lang_en]

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