Mourning Maurice White

Otis's brother, Maurice White, was shot to death in the Mission District on Oct. 14.

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On Oct. 14 — exactly one month ago — Maurice White was shot to death in an alley near 21st and Bartlett streets. To celebrate his life, family and friends built a memorial of candles, bottles and flowers near the location where Maurice died.

Maurice’s brother, Otis, spends much of his time there mourning the loss.


  1. otis

    Andy that was simply touching thanks for all the hard work it was hard getting to you those last days but you made a remarkable piece on my brother thank you so much

  2. Country

    My brothers now is not hte the time or era for black on black crime. Reese was a good guy like most of our brethren that hv lost their lives to and in the streets. Its time to rise above the bullshit. -RIP REESE

  3. darlene herrera

    Its been one month since we lost MOMO..its heart breaking to know we will never get to see our Maurice again in this life.sanfrancisco lost a good young man.I’m proud to call him my nephew..his big smile..and big spirt will always be with everyone he has touched!!!….BIG..REESE…..MY..NEPHEW……we will keep the candles lit!!!……and we will be at every court date that…COWARD…has………one love..momo

  4. Norell Kincaid

    We love you Reese! I want to send a huge hug to my family. I love you, and your constantly on my mind and in my prayers. Never forgotten.
    The Kincaid Family

  5. Moni Smith

    This is amazing mission local, I am so proud of you Otis. Maurice Alexander White will never be forgotten!!!v

  6. GOB

    Love you Reese. Love you Otis.

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