Protesters Smash, Paint-Bomb Businesses, Cars

Windows smashed at Therapy. Photo by Hadley Robinson

Windows smashed at Therapy. Photo by Hadley Robinson

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A group of protesters vandalized dozens of businesses, cars and any property they came across as they marched through the Mission on Monday night. One person was arrested, according to Sgt. Daryl Fong, but no details about the arrest have yet been made available.

The mile-long trek of vandalism began at 18th and Dolores streets, where a group of more than 100 protesters met as part of an early May Day march. The protesters walked east on 18th Street, turned left on Valencia Street, right on Duboce Avenue, and made a right on Mission Street before being confronted by riot police at 14th and Mission, according to Justin Beck, an independent journalist who followed the protesters.

Police dispersed the crowd in the area of 12th and Folsom streets, Fong said.

In a statement released early Tuesday morning, Occupy San Francisco said the vandals were not associated with the movement, but the statement was taken down shortly after.

Scott Anansi Rossi, who was at the scene last night, wrote in a blog post that the riots were not planned.

“I believe we were hijacked and it was an utter cluster—. It started out as sort of a ‘pep rally’ type thing at Dolores Park, but maybe 20 minutes after we got there, it turned into a march,” Rossi wrote on his blog.

The vandalism began almost immediately after the group took off from Dolores Park at around 9 p.m. The protesters paint-bombed Tartine Bakery on 18th and Guerrero streets. When they reached Farina, one protester grabbed a chair and attempted to break a window but was not successful, said police officer D. Daza. Several of the protesters, dressed in black clothing and with their faces covered, threw sacks filled with paint at the restaurant’s windows, drew anarchist symbols on them and spraypainted “Yuppies out!”

Police confronted the protesters in front of the restaurant and a small group of them dispersed, but the main crew continued along Valencia Street. They paint-bombed and broke some of the windows at Mission Police Station, according to Daza. By then a group of about 50 had moved to other restaurants north of Valencia Street.

Armed with crowbars, bats and other metal objects, some of the protesters smashed the windows of businesses along a five-block stretch of Valencia Street, from 18th Street to Duboce Avenue.

The bar manager at Locanda, Gabriel Lowe, said he heard three loud bangs, and when he looked out of the window he saw a protester throwing paint sacks at the storefront. Several witnesses said they saw a protester trying to break the restaurant’s windows with its valet parking sign. The ordeal lasted about five minutes, Lowe said.

A diminished group of protesters continued smashing car windshields and side mirrors and slashing tires as they marched along Valencia Street. They appeared to be targeting luxury cars such as BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes, but they also vandalized a 1990s Toyota Sienna minivan.

Steven Lopez was having dinner with friends at his Glen Park home when he received a phone call from his alarm company informing him that someone had broken some of the windows at his ArtZone 461 Gallery on Valencia Street.

“We are a small art gallery, we are not elitist,” Lopez said, puzzled as to why his gallery was targeted.

Heather Brodie, a student employed at Locanda, said the vandals smashed the windshield and windows of her parked car.

“They are hurting people [who are] like them,” she said, referring to herself as a working-class citizen.

Some businesses, such as Four Barrel coffee company, were spared greater damage thanks to good Samaritans who tried to stop the protesters.

According to Four Barrel’s owner, Jeremy Tooker, a handyman was fixing the shop’s door as a protester approached. The man was hit by a crowbar but was able to prevent protesters from smashing the business’s windows. The man is OK, Tooker said.

As protesters reached 14th and Valencia, they vandalized Ronny Ghosh’s Infinity SUV. A neighbor captured the incident on video and gave Ghosh a copy.

“They have no respect for property or law and order,” Ghosh said after showing a reporter the video, in which people are seen smashing his car’s windows and slashing its tires.

As protesters neared Duboce Avenue and Mission Street, a police car T-boned another car, according to Beck.

An officer told victims standing by the cars that police had received 500 calls reporting damage that included smashed windows and slashed tires.

Windows smashed at Therapy. Photo by Hadley Robinson

Damaged window at Bar Tartine. Photo by Hadley Robinson

Farina restaurant on 18th Street was one of the first businesses to be attacked.

Damage at Art Zone on Valencia Street between 15th and 16th streets.

Live Fit, the clothing stores Weston Wear and Therapy, and restaurants Tartine Bakery, Bar Tartine, Locanda and Farina were all targeted. Weston Wear’s three floor-to-ceiling windows were smashed.

Paintballs were launched at businesses, leaving large splotches of paint on their facades.

The protesters threw yellow paint on Locanda.

Weston Wear

All the windows of a car parked in front of Locanda had been smashed. A glass door was broken at Art Zone, a business on Valencia between 15th and 16th streets, as were car windows. On Valencia near Market Street, car tires were slashed and anarchist symbols were painted on windows.

A car parked near Locanda was damaged.

A police officer attempts to clean paint off the front doors of Mission Police Station.

Police moving down Valencia.

Anarchist symbols were painted on car windows.

People on 14th and Valencia flagged down a police officer. She told them police had received more than 500 calls reporting vandalism, and that about 50 police officers were walking down the street.

An employee at Locanda cleans up yellow paint.

Outside 299 Valencia Street. Some protesters climbed the fence, broke at least two of the windows and wrote graffiti on the pillar.


A man tows Heather Brodie's car.

Bar Tartine was among the restaurants hit by vandals.

Employees at a window company worked through the night to board up some of the vandalized storefronts on Valencia Street.

We will update this story as we get more information.


  1. Ed Savage

    Quote form story: “The bar manager at Locanda, Gabriel Lowe, said he heard three loud bangs, and when he looked out of the window he saw a protester throwing paint sacks at the storefront. Several witnesses said they saw a protester trying to break the restaurant’s windows with its valet parking sign. The ordeal lasted about five minutes, Lowe said.”

    And who would have been arrested if the bar manager had had a shotgun and had shot one of the jerks? He would have ended up getting arrested, and they didn’t arrest any of the “protesters” why? They all should have been rounded up and put in jail.

    Why should I, a low-abiding, tax paying, honest citizen have to put up with this kind of childish behavior? Why should my car be attacked? Why should business that are providing an honest service to the public be attacked.

    Face it, fellow citizens, we are screwed!

    • Really? Shooting someone with a shotgun is justified if someone violates your property rights? I hope that’s hyperbole because that’s the kind of thing that will bite you in the rear. Avenues of redress have been curtailed, blocked, and denied to your neighbors. It’s not right that anyone feels victimized, we have to identify underlying state that leads to this level of desperation. But do not turn on your neighbor just cuz your property got damaged! Instead take a moment in recognition of your good fortune that you have property when many others do not.

      • victim

        In my opinion One shotgun would have stopped the whole crowd in their tracks. They are cowards, you would only have to chamber a round to watch them sh*t themselves and go off runnning.

      • Realist

        Your comment is well-intentioned and admirable, but you must realize that those perpetrating this violence and destruction do not have social justice in mind. This is anarchy, and the only response is law and order. You really need to get in touch with reality, as opposed to ideology, and think twice about statements such as “…we have to identify underlying state that leads to this level of desperation.” You statement an associated attitude breeds impunity and excuses inexcusable actions. These criminals assualted a handyman with a crowbar and did hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damage to some who could not afford it. Truly desperate good people do not indiscriminately hurt others. Criminal, malevolent anarchists do.

      • Thomas

        Do you approve of bullying to get noticed? Don’t you think those bullied would be offended? How about calling a minority a pejorative name while remaining 2 inches from his face?
        The reaction will be violence at some point. Why do you think these “protestors” would indiscriminately destroy private property? It IS there objective to incite a vilent repsonse. Don’t you get it?

        • I wasn’t involved in the random vandalism, nor did I even know about it beforehand. I would have objected. I do believe in striving for fairness in our communities, absolutely.
          The system of law has deteriorated, we are agreed.
          Respond to the non-violent tactics, support demands from people who use tactics of which you approve. Whatever. I just hope you aren’t really thinking that this petty vandalism is significant harm, that it’s the kind of thing you expect other non-violent protestors to risk their lives further to prevent.
          Non-violent protest is life-threatening. Our opponents do not see our peaceful tactics and give us a pass. Everyone is harmed when the targets are random.
          What you keep doing is rounding up culprits and incarcerating ’em. Or shooting random people because you are scared. But the more
          you ignore the root of the unrest, the source of the revolt, the reason more people are ignoring law and police, the worse it will get.

          • Abolish Pants

            Who are you addressing when you say “you keep incarcerating culprits or shooting random people”? These victims have nothing to do with that. And a thousand bucks of damage is, in fact, significant to a small restaurant or art gallery. You are as confused and misdirected in your blame as the vandals.

          • marco

            The root of the unrest is that you have a bunch of spoiled brats that drink pabst all day and then put on masks and go out and bust up people’s property because they can. It is an utter joke to say that “Our opponents do not see our peaceful tactics and give us a pass.” Maybe in Syria, or Egypt. But here in San Francisco even those who protest violently like that Anarchists get a pass.

          • DKSF

            Melinda, you seem to speak as if you represent the sentient conscience of a collective population. The problem with that is the herd mentality of these movements, although initially well-intentioned when it was organized, had ulterior motives which erupted in anarchy in non-isolated incidents. They are ALL connected and in a modern society, this is unacceptable. This is a minority speaking on behalf of the population? If someone works hard, opens up a business and makes a reasonable living while employing folks who are grateful for jobs, does it make it right to vandalize and threaten their livelihood because you feel wronged by these hard-working folks?

            Misguided, misinformed and, ultimately looking at things through the lens of a minority. It’s why Occupy-whatever isn’t really changing anything and is just a vehicle for anarchy and chaos.

      • Jay

        Desperation my @ss! These are spoiled little commie BUMS!

    • G

      I agree. Where is the law and order in this city?

    • Anon

      Because your expensive Mercedes was built at the expense of wage slaves out of precious earth resources, the depletion of which is exponentially killing the earth?

      Because you continue to buy into a cruel and unjust system? Law-abiding, hah…. window smashers don’t think highly of law-abiding citizens.

      The government thanks you for supporting the genocide with your taxes…

      • randolph mortimer

        So how exactly have you opted out of this system ? You grow and hunt and gather all your food yourself I guess ? And never have taken a dime from the government for any reason ? You don’t ride in a car or take public transport as well, I guess. You made your own bicycle from scratch from metal you mined from the ground yourself, right ?

      • katecasey

        Anon, you are truly ignorant. Whoever made that Mercedes (who may well have been a German citizen)most likely went home to his or her spouse and children happily, believing he or she did a good day’s work at assembling a fine piece of machinery which would serve someone well. In much of Europe, Mercedes trucks and buses are very common and do not have the “yuppie” image their cars have here.
        Are you saying that the farmer who works in his fields to harvest the food you eat and poop, the tobacco farmer in North Carolina who harvests the crop for the cigarettes you Occupiers love, the Starbucks employee who waits on you folks in the morning—-all these people are slaves???..and you are somehow better because you sit on your rear and criticize the rest of us and destroy others’ honest efforts? What you TRULY are is a self-deluded fool!

  2. Old School Native San Franciscan

    Violence is not the answer;especially those smashing windows. Really anarchist are also elitst. Your chinese made ipohnes that cost hundreds, yeah really fighting the man. You are the man. I am from the mission born and raised, I work really hard too like everyone else trying to survive in this city. My parents raised me by protesting injustices in a non violent way articulating injustices to the community with information you can read and see in the real world. Unite the community, not spreading hate causing harm to others and their property.
    A bunch of spoiled whiners who are not getting what they want, when they want. Pay off your school loans. You want to make a difference, there are so many non profits organization battling it out as we speak. Get over yourselves this is the real world sweet pea, stop pretending and be big boys and girls.

    • Its Over!

      The single most boring and conservative group of people in SF are the ones who were born here….yawn

      • Old School Native San Franciscan

        That’s the best you got, this is what happens when parents give trophies to their spoiled bratty undeserving children. I have to get back to making soical change, you should to something too.

  3. SRobertson

    One of the reasons Ed Savage above is worried “he’s screwed” is because Nancy Pelosi and the President of the United States have tacitly and actively supported these people. Both are members of the 1%, ‘specially Pelosi, but people in the Fruitcake State of California keep electing her to office, so that she can turn around and support the criminals who are wrecking real people’s lives, trashing their businesses, destroying their property. But Nancy loves them: “God bless them for their spontaneity,” Pelosi told reporters. “It’s young, it’s spontaneous, it’s focused and it’s going to be effective.”

    Read more:

    • randolph mortimer

      Why are these people who don’t live in California so obsessed with our home ?

      • SRobertson

        Because Nancy Pelosi and the President reach out and touch us all, everywhere in the country.

        • randolph mortimer

          Then go discuss them on a national politics blog, and leave our neighborhood news site to the people who live here.

    • KDP

      You are the definition of a moron.

  4. Robert Cornwell

    I am ashamed to live in a City and neighborhood with people who behave violently and selfishly. San Francisco and the Mission have so many creative and caring people. We are all degraded by people whose only response to change they don’t like is to harm others and destroy their property. Let us find ways to make positive change.

    • Mike


      We have no evidence yet that these vandals are from the Mission or even from San Francisco.

      I’d bet the answer is no to one or both of those.

    • Jm

      I’m ashamed to live in a city and neighborhood that is becoming a disneyfied version of its former self, to come from and have grown up in a neighborhood that is already a disneyfied version of itself.

      This city is fast becoming a gated (city) community, as are many cities in this country, now that it is desirable for those with money to live in an urban environment as opposed to the suburbs. Will all the people who clean toilets eventually have to commute across “bridges and through tunnels”? (not that the tunnels apply in this case)

      /////// Unfortunately the people who really should be rioting aren’t. ///////

      Poor Ronny Ghosh, I feel really bad for him, how many people has he displaced with his Infinity SUV? And as for Heather Brodie, her car looks pretty damn nice to me. The wages of the wait staff at a restaurant like Laconda aren’t my idea of working class regardless of whether you are a student or not (unless perhaps the middle [far from lower middle] class is the new working class).

      Below is the mention of a business paying 35% over San Francisco minimum wage. I understand that it is very difficult to survive as a business, although it is probably much easier on Valencia than in most places in this country. Would a single parent be able to survive in this city, paying market rate rent, making $2200 a month?

      What’s so great about having a fancy trendy restaurant/store every few feet? What’s so great about google and facebook and macintosh and zinga and twitter and cisco etc., etc.? Should we thank them for gradually eliminating all social/class diversity from our community? for gradually eliminating all character and individuality? Will there be any difference between the Mission and Soho? between the Mission and Noe Valley and Bernal Heights, and any other wealthy neighborhood in any city where people have come in from outside and driven up prices and made the neighborhood “better”? At one time each neighborhood in this city had its own culture and traditions.

      • Jm

        I don’t see how the new Mission (cleaner, brighter, whiter…. tablecloths) has a “be local” mentality. Just because people stopped an American Apparel store from opening on Valencia doesn’t mean a whole lot. I would be willing to bet that more than a simple majority of the businesses that have opened in the neighborhood in the last ten to twenty years were started by people from outside the community. Valencia was lost long ago, and so goes 24th Street. Like I said,

        /////// unfortunately the people who should be rioting aren’t. ///////

        • randolph mortimer

          The irony of your tag line when you’re sitting at home posting comments on the web is delicious.

          Feel free to leave the neighborhood – nobody will miss you, since you bring nothing to it.

  5. Tom

    I am so disappointed to see all of this. True, the vandals in the Mission last night may not have been part of the Occupy movement, or from the area at all. Much like the protest that turned violent in Oakland last year, some people have used the peaceful protest medium for their ridiculous “anarchist” agenda.

    Good work you ignorant assholes, you have taken all the validity out of a movement that was struggling to find its footing and make some real progress.

  6. Girl on the Hill

    Can we please stop calling this a protest? This was not a protest – it was a gang of cowards in black clothing hitting people with crow bars, vandalizing Senior Housing, Artist owned gallery space, several local small businesses, cars of students, and people who were *at work*.

    I am disgusted that the real ‘protestors’ did not immediately call the Police and have this gang of thugs stopped.

    I hope there were many arrests and that they all flip on each others. I want these fucs in jail.

    • smell my finger

      Live on the Valencia corridor. Where the restaurant scene thrives, every surface is covered with art, and the coffee houses, delis and bike shops are world famous but still locally owned. Grab a bite from a food truck, get an artisan haircut, and peruse racks of raw denim or brunch in a parklet. Enjoy the sunny days and the bustling nightlife.

    • Anon

      We break windows not people… though apparently liberals have trouble telling the difference.

      • randolph mortimer

        I reject all simplistic classifications of my political views, but I have no problem telling the difference between you and a moron : ZERO.

  7. Chris

    Web comments are the worst idea ever.

  8. You can add my business to the list of the vandalized. I watched as the sign to my dog daycare facility was paint-bombed. I am the mom and pop in the neighborhood. I am not the corporate “hotel” down the street. I have to paint over tags on a regular basis. I need a new sign now that I can’t afford. Or I’ll keep it to remind me what an effed up society I iive in or until the city gives me a warning and fine for something they did nothing to prevent.

    • G

      Seriously you had to pay a fine?! How f’d up is that?! This city sucks! I won’t stand for that!

  9. G

    Is it legal to shoot someone vandalizing your property? Do you have to ask them to stop first? What are the laws in California and SF regarding use of force when police do not and will not respond (sfist reported that a handful of police were apologizing as being unable to respond to such a large group of violent thugs)?

    • ask the Koreans from the Rodney king riots they didnt loose a store to looters because they were in body Armour with semi and in a few rare cases automatic weapons.seeing armed citizens on their businesses roofs put a pretty good stop to their stores getting hit i see black and white stores looted but when they get to the koreans watch the mob go down a different block

      • jth

        That’s because immigrants are not naive enough to buy into the lame American propaganda that “It’s just property!” It’s just property to people who are so decadent as to assume that life is easy. When you land here with nothing in your pockets, you’re not about to let your livelihood or life’s work get burnt down by infantile nutjobs.

      • G

        Great video. What devolves people to such lawlessness? Why do they think they can get away with it?

    • No one is going to destroy property I worked hard for if I’m there to defend it.

      • Sigmarlin

        I love money!!!! I deserve more and more and can care less about the unfair system of capitalism as long as I get the spoils myself! ME ME ME!!!

        Too bad you can’t take that money with you when you die. You worked so HARD; life is so unfair!

        • randolph mortimer

          so what do you use to pay for your food and shelter ? leaves and twigs ? Give me a break !

  10. c. w.

    i dont understand how targeting small businesses and working people’s possessions in a neighborhood that fosters such a ‘be local’ mentality supports a cause that targets big corporations and banks. sometimes i think people just get pissed and lose the actual focus of the group, and sadly, these kinds of acts push people away from the original intention of their message. i’m not saying they are part of the occupy movement, but sadly it is being lumped in with that.

  11. This is true here as it was during the 20th anniversary People’s Park riots…

    The people who do most of the damage are retards from the suburbs looking for cheap thrills.

  12. Why would anyone do this? It makes no sense. Occupy wall st has nothing to do with the mission.

  13. Jing

    I’m the owner of one of the business that got vandalized last night and my husband and I have been on Valencia St for over 18 years. I’m not angry at any individuals who had damaged our store fronts, but I’m just wondering if they would take the same action if they knew what they were hurting. Am I the 1% they are going against? Am I the one who should feel guilty about what my husband and I have accomplished through hard work in the past 18 years? What makes our mom and pop business a target for last night? Would the protesters feel differently if I told them that we didn’t spend any weekend together as a family with our daughter in the first 5 years of her life so we could work and provide her better opportunities later on in life? Would the protesters make the same decision as they did if they got a chance to meet us? Yes, we do own our business, our starting hourly rate is 35% above SF minimum wage with health benefit, college reimbursement and 5% company match 401K, should we feel shame to own a business that treats its staff fairly and with respect? No, we’re proud to have a business that grows with happy staff. Should we get punished for working hard, paying our share of taxes and being responsible?

    • We Support You

      We really do support you. I so admire you. You have so much to be proud of….thank you for speaking out

    • Matt

      I’m sorry for what happened. I hope you can see that this is a symptom of what is wrong with our country. How poor people are treated here and how our military acts abroad. If you stand against the way our government and the “1%” treat people, you’re a friend of mine!

  14. I am a crocodile. See my tears? You want sympathy but you choose to operate your “business” within an economic system that systematically practices both real and abstract violence against gigantic swaths of your fellow humanity. And while they are kicked to the curb, in your full view, you prefer to run your business for “profit.” Hmm…..

    However small or measured your benefit within a system of human relations that demands routine injury to the majority of persons as well as the natural world, then, my small business bourgeois buddies, you are complicit. Sorry if this gives you a rash or hemorrhoids, but this is not 1980 and y’all can no longer get on your sanctimonious high horses and claim injury in defense of a life annihilating economic system.

    The only question now is whether you are going to practice your ritualized denial of reality or open your minds to something transcendent and more positive? I hoped this kind of thing might be a wakeup call, but I won’t hold my breath. When the cost of doing business becomes too high, that business will stop. Period. My guess is that despite these complaints, y’all got plenty of legally required insurance. Heaven forbid your profits decline and you have to move down to Hunter’s Point among those to whom you consider yourselves superior. Well, well, well… You buys ya tickets, you take ya chances.

    • Jing

      Hi Elvis,

      Do you know what Valencia Street looked like 20 years ago? Being generalizing is never a good idea, I’m an immigrant, I consider the event as a result of stereotype, there’s not different between hate crime, racism, sexism and what you’re preaching. Isn’t this what made America great that almost everyone has a fair shot? Everyone makes sacrifice for their financial security, it could be someone’s grandpa who worked hard in a grocery store and made some good financial choices, it could be someone who married into wealth by chance, it could be someone who had no background and just happened to have a engineer degree 15 years and MADE IT in silicon valley. They could be your neighbors who lived down the street, parents of your high school classmates, the girl/boy who sat next to you in a Cafe this morning. Want to know them before you have any opinions on them? Come on down on Valencia street, meet with the local small business owners and workers, listen to their stories, face to face with the ones that you’re hurting and blaming, maybe then you can make a sounded decision according to the facts and not assumption. Want to change the system? Do something meaningful, We donated $45,000 for non profit last year, what have you done to help others last year? Helping under privileged students writing their essays? Working in a homeless shelter lately? Lending a helping hand to your neighbors who’s unemployed? Let’s all do something that’s meaningful and helpful to others. Violent is NEVER the answer. Drop the cell phone, get off the computer, have a open mind might lead to a better society. Changes come from within, do something kind to someone today if you want to better this country we call America.

      • JT

        Elvis, what a load of drivel. Go back to smoking a bong and reading books well beyond your reach in search of words you can pawn off to sound intelligent. If ever there was an example of someone who clearly has no idea how the world works and more importantly how you go about trying to improve things that would be you my friend….the level of stupidity is astounding. Jing makes a very valid point – what has Elvis, that catalyst for change done to help the 99%…my guess – written a load of drivel on his apple laptop that he can post on the internet to sound intelligent and feel better about himself…Protesting in this manner is not going to solve anything – helping each other may have a shot – What do you think smashing windows and vandalizing property is going to do – make the banks close down? Idiot – they just got more business in the form of loans to fix these properties..way to go.. Lets see how you feel when your possessions are smashed up since it is plainly evident there is no method or reason to this – its straight vandalism. If you are the message of change in this country, then god help us all.

      • John Tranchitella

        Well said Jing!

      • Sigmarlin

        Why is it the American Dream of so many immigrants to get rich? Who cares about how much bling you have? That does not make you a nice, happy contented or intelligent person. You are not questioning the necessity of anything you buy and that is why the human race is in a gigantic eco-disaster. Our landfills are filled to the brim with the crap we produce and discard. Our McMansions eat up habitats. We’re killing the planet and you are still going on about your right to make money as what makes America great. How depressing…

        • Jing

          Remind me where you’re from or where your great grandparents were from. Unless you’re native American, I thought we all came from other parts of the world. Let’s all face it, fear and anger don’t create any changes. Hope you will find peace within somehow.

        • randolph mortimer

          Why do you hate hard working immigrants so much?

    • randolph mortimer

      Do you eat garbage out of people’s dumpsters ? Rely on free handouts for food ? Sleep in the streets ?

      If not, (and I find it highly unlikely this is true given you are commenting on a website) you are participating in the very system to claim to reject – how do you reconcile this obvious hypocrisy ? Oh, you don’t, because you can’t, you just go on spouting juvenile nonsense because you know you can’t possibly make it in the real world with the rest of us.

    • John Tranchitella

      What econoiomic system do you propose that we adopt?

  15. Mission Native 94110

    These are protesters, they’re THUGS!

    • You can’t control who comes to a public protest. There are often micro groups with their own agenda trying to negatively influence the crowd.

  16. Sc

    Ok if it was supposed to be a peaceful protest but when it turned violent the peaceful protesters decide to stay. What you can’t think for yourselfs? Maybe this wasn’t the message you guys wanted to share but it’s too bad you continued with them. Your message was not heard.

  17. John Tranchitella

    To the so called “protesters or “demonstrators To me you are just plain COWARDS! Is this the solution you offer? Thoughtless violence and terror ? Your actions were against small independant businesses? One of them “Therapy” I worked at when they first started out–it is a family business that is an example of what can be achieved with hard work , creativity and sacrifice. “Therapy” is an example of what is right with the system. The owners are generous smart business people.They take care of their employees, care about the communities that they opearate in and give back in ways the people who broke their windows can’t imagine. Why don’t you grow up and propose some REAL solutions, not a temper tantrum attack directed at people you know nothing about.

  18. Matthew L Kees

    Am an Occupy supporter and do not see this as a Black Bloc tactic (which may may be used to divert police attention from peaceful protestors being harmed), but plain and simple vandalism by a rowdy group of kids.

    One questions comes to mind though, is how effective the police were at beating down some peaceful protestors earlier, and so ineffective at rounding up a few angry ones at night.

    Do you think it possible they wanted this message to get out to cover up the abusive stuff the police were doing earlier that day? I think so, maybe.

    Often the “crimes” committed by non-violent protestors are actually “agent provocateurs”, or undercover police hired to discredit the movement. A majority of #OWS are committed to non-violence for our goals of political and social justice and fairness.

  19. Matt

    I just want to say that this is indicative of our country as a whole. Police treat poor people the same way the rioters treated those small businesses. US soldiers treat Afghan citizens the same way. Look at the examples that we are given in this most violent nation in the world. It is something we can stop but not by throwing people in jail or smashing windows. By communication and a little selflessness though, we may have hope.

  20. x349429

    I dont know the other day police murdered a 65 year old black man in his own home. For me damaging store fronts and police stations is not violence. The only thing that makes it a jerk move is that because of social relationships workers will more than likely have to clean it up. But as far as damaging capital and property in a capitalist system goes… well I recognize the difference between the employed class and the employing class and shop store owners still exploit peoples labour. furthemore anyone who would shoot people over property should be lynched. And I have done a lot of club and bar security and a lot of owners and managers where i come from are either connected with organized crime,sketchie as shit, complete slimeballs, or all of the above. I hate the narrative of the petit bourgeoisie, we get to hear it when ever we are organizing a small shop or restaurant or bar. Yes you are a small capitalist but a capitalist non the less expropriation not exploitation.

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