Hunky Jesus 2011: Jesus F’ing Christ

Photo by Amy Gahran

Photo by Amy Gahran

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Hundreds gathered at Dolores Park to see who would be crowned Hunky Jesus 2011 at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 32nd Annual Easter Celebration. Jesus F’ing Christ (aided by a dummy and some pretty convincing pantomime) beat out the self-proclaimed The Hunky Jesus (the only contestant to get naked); Yoga Jesus; Fat, Drunk and Obviously Redneck Jesus; and dozens of others in various states of undress and repentance. Video to come!

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  1. C Gibson

    One would think that tolerance would be a two way street. I don’t mock homosexuals and yet what I hold in highest esteem as sacred is mocked openly, they could show a little bit more class I think. Or stop preaching tolerance and equality.

    • T Schmidt

      The Hunky Jesus contest is NOT about mocking anything. It is a celebration of humor, creativity, and sexuality that make up the religion of the Sisters and their followers. ANd along the way it raises a ton of money for some fine charities.

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