Hunky Jesus 2011: Jesus F’ing Christ

Photo by Amy Gahran

Hundreds gathered at Dolores Park to see who would be crowned Hunky Jesus 2011 at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 32nd Annual Easter Celebration. Jesus F’ing Christ (aided by a dummy and some pretty convincing pantomime) beat out the self-proclaimed The Hunky Jesus (the only contestant to get naked); Yoga Jesus; Fat, Drunk and Obviously Redneck Jesus; and dozens of others in various states of undress and repentance. Video to come!

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  1. C Gibson

    One would think that tolerance would be a two way street. I don’t mock homosexuals and yet what I hold in highest esteem as sacred is mocked openly, they could show a little bit more class I think. Or stop preaching tolerance and equality.

    • T Schmidt

      The Hunky Jesus contest is NOT about mocking anything. It is a celebration of humor, creativity, and sexuality that make up the religion of the Sisters and their followers. ANd along the way it raises a ton of money for some fine charities.

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