VIDEO: Socialist Boutique

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Shaye La McKenney opened La Library on Guerrero Street. It’s a shop where you can rent clothes.

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  1. shaye

    everybody looks so beautiful! Will it work? ha ha ha (evil laugh) it already is! Wendy.. marry me.

  2. kittinhawk

    props to shaye, a truly beautiful and amazing woman!!!!go go go la libary!!!!

  3. Ahhh… the courage to do something new … creativity, beauty, sharing (knowing it’s all relatives!)
    Trusting … especially in these times … Yeah Shaye and all the other creative, peaceful, trusting designers I met at her party … yes you can …

  4. Allison

    SUCH great energy in this place…beautiful items…and a charismatic, sweet, giving, genuine owner. La Library will naturally attract success.

  5. Jane

    Congratulations on a fantastic new concept Shaye
    and on an beautiful video portrait of la library!

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