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The site of the proposed park and affordable housing development. Photo by Alan Sanchez.

New Development Eradicating Mission Parking

Lack of parking is a leading gripe for San Franciscans, who live in a heavily commuted city with more than half as many registered vehicles as residents. The Mission District is no exception, and the opening of such large-capacity venues in the neighborhood as Preservation Hall West and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema means that the tedious routine of circling the...

Parque de la 17 y Folsom Obtiene Espacio Compartido de Jardín

Los esbozos del parque que se hará en las calles 17 y Folsom han pasado por muchos cambios desde que la fase del diseño comenzó hace más de dos años. El pasado jueves por la tarde, los urbanistas dieron a conocer el avance más reciente: los jardines comunales. Alrededor de 40 personas se reunieron en la casa club del parque...
Most recent park design courtesy of San Francisco Recreation and Park.

17th and Folsom Park to Get Shared Garden Space

Plans for the park to be created at 17th and Folsom streets have gone through many changes since the design phase began three years ago. Last Thursday evening, planners revealed the most recent development: communal gardens.
Photo courtesy of Margaret Tilden

Heavy metal candy, holiday spirits and more.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” (J.R.R. Tolkien) 10.29 – 11.3 This week is positively undead. Kids reclaim the streets in boo-ya style. Día de los Muertos altars are ready to glow. Spaces are haunted by imagination. Courage! Peer in what rustles below… Lead-n-chocolate is NOT a Humphry Slocombe ice cream flavor. But it may be a toxic Halloween...